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201 Keziah "Kizzie" Stoner., daughter of Margaret Sanderson and Milo Stoner, married Francis "Frank" McCall, son of Thomas Reed McCall and Elizabeth McCandless McCall. STONER, Keziah A. (Kizzie) (I465)
202 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I204)
203 Last occupation: Stationary Engineer HAWTHORNE, Bert (I54)
204 Last residence 5832 Wooden Plank Rd WASSON, Frederick/Federic Eugene (I1530)
205 Lavina Cyrilla McCall's family lived in Columbus, Ohio. Lavina McCall Moats is buried in Union Cemetery. MCCALL, Lavina Cyrilla (I445)
206 Lemuel Davis, his wife, Margaret and Elisha, their son, were first on the scene of the Wigton massacre.

The names of Lemuel and Margaret Davis appear frequently in the deed literature of the county in connection with the property dealings of Robert Morris and Stephen Lowery about 1816 (e.g.,Vol. D, p.432, Vol. G, p.64). Lemuel served with his brother, William, in Captain Schaffer's Company, during the War of 1812, in the winter of 1814. In 1843 , Lemuel, Margaret, and their son, Elisha, were important witnesses to the Wigton massacre of 1843 (The Sam Mohawk trial). The only census record occurs in 1820 for Slippery Rock Township. Three children's names appear in various histories: Jane Davis, b. abt. 1812, m. Hamilton Morrow; Lemuel, b. abt. 1814, m. Prudence Elliott; and Elisha, b. abt. 1827, m. Josephine________, and is living in Rockland Twp., Venango County in l850.

Lemuel Davis and Margaret Elliott moved to Venango County, PA. He was active in the oil business and also had a farm in Rockland. Lemuel's will was dated 13 Jan. 1855 and probated 29 Dec 1856; filed in Register's Docket Book 1, p. 362, #37. He names only his youngest daughter Eliza Margaret as legatee to his land, and personal property to be equally divided among his heirs (unnamed). No probate packet was found by the clerk. 
DAVIS, Lemuel (I623)
207 Letter to Clerk of Courts 4/24/2004
Response: They only hold birth records for 1893 - 1905
Received this reponse to web post at Rootsweb Butler Co board:
1860 Federal Census Butler Cty., Center Twp.
Image# 186
19 July 1860
William W. McCall 43 Farmer b. Pa.
Emma " 35 b. Pa.
Robert " 17 b. Pa.
William " 15 b. Pa.
Emile " 14 b. Pa.
Nelson " 12 b. Pa.
Perry " 10 b. Pa.
James " 7 b. Pa
Martha " 5 b. Pa.

Samuel " 3 b. Pa.
Angeline Vance 34 servant 
MCCALL, Martha Jane (I57)
208 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I203)
209 Listed on Crabtree Family Group Chart. Mentioned as survivor in obituary of Ella Mae Garrison. HAWTHORNE, Carl O. (I67)
210 Lived in Mt Gilead in 1996 per Carl L. B.'s obituary. DIEFENBACH, William (I234)
211 Lived in Russell's Point in 1996 per Carl L. B.'s obit; no mention of her husband in obit. DIEFENBACH, Margaret Louise (I233)
212 Louisa M. Stewart married Joseph Campbell of Concord Township, Butler Co., PA. STEWART, Louisa M. (I503)
213 Loyal B. McCall, SS#174-07-0562, Iss: PA, b. Mar. 24, 1881, d. Aug. 1970; Res: Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA 15218. MCCALL, Loyal Bruce (I386)
214 Magdalena Diefenbach's burial record lists John M Schmidt and Magdelean Schon as her parents. The attached obituary lists 4 siblings:
1 brother, Jacob Schraldt (sic);
3 sisters,
Mrs. Carrie Knorr, Mrs. Mary Schweitzer, Mrs. Rachel Lechner
Without reading the actual obituary, I can't verify this, but I suspect Jacob's last name to be Schmidt as well. It seems an easy transcription error to make. 
SCHMIDT, John M (I812)
215 Margaret Ann Hume's mother was born in Scotland. HUME, Margaret Ann (I403)
216 Margaret Euphemia McCall Leo and Joseph Leo resided in Portsmouth, Ohio. They divorced. They are buried in Greenlawn Cemetery. MCCALL, Margaret Euphemia (I453)
217 Marion TWP no longer exists. It encompassed most of what is now the East Side of Columbus, from what was Milo (Milo-Grogan) to Bexley, and down south towards Obetz.His 1910 Census address would have been in Marion TWP. WEETHEE, Eusebius Russell (I964)
218 Marriage date from 1910 census ("Married 13 years"). Family F97
219 Marriage date range is based on 1940 US Census entries for both Rose and Elmer. They were living in the same place in 1935 as they were in 1940. A later marriage record for Elmer says that he was previously married once. Unable to find a marriage or divorce record for them yet other than the 1940 census record and her following marriage to Oscar Turner. Family F517
220 Marriage Note: Mrs. Amos states that "Joseph & Elizabeth were married out of unity."

Death-Burial Note: Elizabeth (Wasson) Hartley---after the death of her husband in 1824, went to Boothsville to live with her daughter Polly, who married Thomas Wilson. Elizabeth died and was buried near Boothsville, now Marion Co., W. VA. Both cemeteries near Boothsville were checked and no stone found.

Source: Marjorie Russell, 1445 Queen Summit Drive, West Covina, California, 91791, Date: 1990; J. Carl - Mrs. William Bender - Mrs. Amos of Fairmont, West Virginia - Ann Belle Mundy; UPPER MONOGAHELA VALLEY HISTORY, pages 736-737, 1154-1158; HARTLEY RECORDS, J. R. & William Hartley of Chrisman, Illinois, 1908. 
WASSON, Elizabeth (I581)
221 Marriage Notice from the Butler Eagle: On 21st Jan. 1873, Thomas McCall to Eliza McCandless, both of Butler County.
Thomas R. McCall was Justice of the Peace for Clay 1883.

Thomas E. McCall and Elizabeth McCandless McCall are buried in West Sunbury Cemetery. 
MCCALL, Thomas Reed (I342)
222 Martha Catherine Williams' mother was a Crabtree. WILLIAMS, Martha Catherine (I449)
223 Martha Lavina and her husband Wilson Cornelius Jordon raised her nephew, Allen Warren Patterson, child of her sister Rebecca Jane McCall and Hezekiah Patterson. MCCALL, Martha Lavina (I527)
224 Martha McCandless married William McCall of Glade Mills.
Martha McCandless, daughter of Robert David McCandless and Elizabeth Turk, was the sister of Amy (Emma) McCandless. Amy was married to Samuel's brother William Wasson McCall.
Martha and Amy had four brothers: David Caldwell McCandless
John T. McCandless
Reddick R. McCandless
James Wilson McCandless
Martha McCandless could not write.

Samuel Robison McCall moved first to Scioto County, Ohio where his two brothers, John and Andrew lived. He enlisted at Portsmouth, Ohio in the 8th Company, Ohio Sharpshooters from Nov. 4, 1862 through Jun 21, 1865.

The family later moved to Rural Dale, Grundy County, Missouri-----four miles west of Galt, Missouri.
Samuel received an invalid pension for his Civil War Service. He died of chronic diarrhea resulting in piles, weakness of the lungs, double pneumonia and hypostatic pneumonia.
Upon Samuel's death, Martha had one cow, some kitchen utensils and kitchen furniture, 20 acres worth $360.00. 
MCCALL, Samuel Robison (I359)
225 Mary Cardelia Johnce McCall died at 924 Adams St., New Castle, Pennsylvania. JOHNCE (SHANTZ), Mary Cordelia (I502)
226 Mary E. Porter resided in Sharpsville, PA. PORTER, Mary E. (I652)
227 Mary Jane Wasson is mentioned in the will of Jane Wasson, her grandmother.

Source: William G. Roy - 
WASSON, Mary Jane (I568)
228 Mary Lincoln McCall is buried in Rushtown Cemetery. MCCALL, Mary Lincoln (I367)
229 Mary S. McCall McCandless' family lived in Butler. MCCALL, Mary S. (I513)
230 Maryann McJunkin, daughter of William T. McJunkin, was born in the McJunkin log home located in Scioto County, Ohio.

The McJunkin farm, when purchased by William T. McJunkin and his wife (parents of Maryann McJunkin McCall) had belonged to William Carter, grandfather of Tacy Jane Carter, wife of Charles Wesley McCall.

One purchase is dated 1857 of the McJunkin farm.
Purchased by Charles Wesley McCall in June 1905. 
MCJUNKIN, Maryann (I363)
231 Maurice Carl McCall died Aug. 1974, Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio, SS#278-05-0292. MCCALL, Maurice Carl (I424)
232 Melvin McCall was the child of Elizabeth J. McCall before she married Robert Tuttle. It is believed that Melvin was the child of __________Hay. MCCALL, Elizabeth J. (I377)
233 Mildred McCall graduated from high school and went to Slippery Rock State Teachers College in the summer and began teaching in 1917. She taught nine years and in June 27, 1927 married Dwight Painter. They built a lovely brick home three miles north of Butler on Rt. 8.
In July of 1928 their first child, John Reid Painter was born and in 193l another baby, James Bruce Painter, was born. Dwight Painter also taught school and in 1929 quit teaching and was in the automobile business.
Dwight was subject to asthma attacks and in 1934 his asthma got so much worse the doctor said he wouldn't live long and advised a different climate. They moved to Kane, Pennsylvania, which has an altitude of 2300 feet---it was a resort for folks with respiratory problems. In 1939 a daughter, Carol Jean Painter was born.
Dwight improved and lived 12 years and died in 1946. Mildred Painter had suffered with degenerative arthritis of the spine since December of 1980.

Mildred Jane McCall and Dwight R. Painter are 3rd cousins. Their common ancestors are Samuel McCall and Else Davis.

Mildred Painter, SS#176-24-0990, Issued: PA; b. Oct. 21, 1896, d. Sept. 1986; Res: Niles Ohio, Trumbull Co., Ohio, 44446. 
MCCALL, Mildred Jane (I396)
234 Minnie reports her birth year as 1881, not the 1882 that appears on her burial record. 1881 would make her 16 at Louis' birth, and possibly for her marriage as well. Family F86
235 Mollie McCall Call, died Dec. 23, 1989, Grove City, Franklin Co., Ohio, SS#283-22-6948. MCCALL, Mollie Angeline (I432)
236 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I127)
237 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I128)
238 Nace ran from Bellows Avenue south to Harrisburg Pike; it was the first street west of Centner Avenue. Nace now sits north of Interstate 70, between S Yale and Holton Ave. It appears that when a railroad line came through, the connection between Bellows and Nace was broken. See GARRISON, Charles Emory (I257)
239 Name also appears as "Theresia." BLEIKE, Theresa (I1036)
240 Nancy Ann McCall Sutton and John Sutton are buried in Union Cemetery, West Sunbury, Butler Co., Pennsylvania. MCCALL, Nancy Ann (I317)
241 Nancy Kelley married her step-brother, Robert Means, on Sept. 16, 1742 in the First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. KELLEY, Nancy (I594)
242 Nancy married an Irish man, Francis McConnell. They farmed in Slippery Rock Township. Nancy had one natural son, William, and one adopted son, Samuel McConnell, born Armstrong. Nancy died in 1871. DAVIS, Nancy A. (I635)
243 Nancy McCall and Samuel Sutton are first cousins--their common ancestors are Samuel McCall and Else Davis.

Nancy McCall was a domestic in the household of John Sutton in the 1860 Census. She married Samuel Sutton Feb. 14, 1861.

Living with the Sutton family: Curtis J. McCall, b. about 1856 (Nancy Ann's nephew, son of William Thomas McCall.)

Living with the Sutton family in 1900 Census: Granddaughter: May J. Brown, b. Sept. 1885 and
Sister-in-law: Jane S. McCall, b. 1831, d. Dec. 5, 1901
(Sarah Jane McCall) 
MCCALL, Nancy Ann (I349)
244 Neil Koos notes say 15 May. BALDINGER, Andrew J (I184)
245 Neil Koos notes say 1855. BALDINGER, Andrew J (I184)
246 Nelson McCall and Katherine Hay McCall are buried in Clinton U.P. Cemetery, Butler, Pennsylvania. MCCALL, Nelson (I373)
247 No evidence has been found for his death. Winterlingen town records say he went to Russia in 1812, presumably with Napoleon's Grand Army, as a Marquetender (sutler) and "probably died there." KREUSSLE, Matthaeus (I1198)
248 No husbands are directly mentioned in the 2004 obituary; her name is listed in the obit as "Evelyn Marie Vanzin" and the header is "VANZIN (LUSBASKI) CAPPARUCCINI." Surviving children all seem to be named Capparuccini.

Rae (Lubaski) Knight has three husbands listed for Evelyn on
Bill Payne
Anthony Cappruccini
Robert Vanzin
and 5 children
Tony Cappruccini
Lynn (Cappruccini) Combs
Tina (Cappruccini) Zehendher
Tammy (Cappruccini) Bowens
Pamela (Payne) Ellis
The order is not clear. The listing seems to suggest Payne was the first husband, Cappruccini second, and Vanzin third. 
LUBASKI, Evelyn Marie (I803)
249 Note that the Hess Family Tree (S429) conflicts with the list of children here. It shows George and Amelia with 5 children: Gustavus Friedrich, August G., Walter, Frederick, and William, omitting Louise Borner (b. 1873). It further suggests that William was Amelia's son from a previous relationship, but has no citation for that. William was born the 4th of 6 children though, so it would be difficult for him to have come from a "previous relationship."  Family F382
250 Note: From Western Press, Mercer, PA - 3 Apr. 1813 - Joseph Wasson died on 19th, age 21. WASSON, Joseph (I700)
251 Notes by Esther (Fennell) McCall on the death of Robert McDowell McCall.
Robert McDowell McCall, b. 1843, d. 1899, father of John B. McCall, was a farmer in Clinton Twp. Butler Co., Pa. He always liked fast horses and was driving a young skittish team in the hay field. Suddenly the team frightened and ran away with Robert hanging to the lines. He headed them for the open barn doors where they ran in to the barn floor and stopped. But Robert didn't duck fast enough, striking his head on the low girder above the doors, knocking him off the wagon where he lay unconcious for some time. When he recovered he suffered from severe headache, earache, and running ears. Finally Dr. Stepp, a country doctor dried up the discharge and Robert died in agony. His oldest son, Elmer, swore he would kill the Doctor. 
MCCALL, Robert McDowell (I353)
252 Notes on Andrew Black McCall
From: Hazel McCall Ellis (his granddaughter)
Andrew's mother, Nancy Jane Wasson, died when he was twelve years old, in 1850. His father, William John McCall, then married the young girl who had worked for them and took care of the mother in her last illness. Her name was Jane (Brannan) Currie. She was the young widow of Frances Currie. Jane Currie had a little boy of her own named William Brannan Currie with her. Her little girl had died shortly before her marriage to William John McCall. Jane was younger than some of her new husband's children.
Andrew said that Jane, his stepmother, mistreated him, so he took a change of clothing, some cold biscuits from the safe, tied these in a flour sack, ran a stick through it, put it over his shoulder and left for Ohio, where his brother John was already living.
He walked all the way. He would stop along the way and do small jobs for food and whatever clothing the people would give him. He had started out with eyeglasses, but had to sell them. Andrew had always been great on wanting to be a doctor and told about roots and leaves and how to make teas for certain diseases.
It took him two years to make the trip. He never returned to Butler County, Pennsylvania and never saw his father or step-mother again. This would have been in 185l or 52.
In 1858 he married Maryann McJunkin, the daughter of William T. McJunkin, who was a close neighbor of the McCalls in Scioto County, Ohio, where both John and Andrew McCall lived. Andrew was 20 years old and Maryann 15. They lived in the old log home where Maryann had been born and there she bore twelve children, seven girls and five boys.
Andrew was the mail carrier for the area which he delivered on horseback. One day while at the post office he heard some men talking about the great Civil War that was going on and about enlisting in the Army. So Andrew finished for the day, and went home and told Maryann that he was going the next day to join the army. He served in Co. I, 26th Ohio Infantry. He was wounded in battle and almost lost his leg.
Andrew later sold the old homestead to his son Charles Wesley in June 1905. A newer home had been built by this time and the old log home was used for storage of hay, etc. Charles then built still another house on the farm for his father and mother and his brother Grant and his sister Nettie who still lived with their parents.
Andrew McCall died in the flu epidemic of 1921. He is buried in Remby Cemetery, Ohio.

Civil War Service Record:
McCall, Andrew B., Company I, Unit: 26 Ohio Infantry, Rank Induction: Private, Rank Discharge: Corporal, Allegiance: Union. 
MCCALL, Andrew Black (I333)
253 Now living in E Tawas, MI HOLMAN, Jean (I838)
254 Numerous newspaper articles list William Garrison as having died in the 21 April 1930 Ohio Penitentiary Fire. reports that he had been charged with robbery, and was serving a 15 - 25 year sentence. His death certificate seems to indicate he was just 3 months into his sentence. 
GARRISON, William (I962)
255 Obit attached to burial record 89402 at Green Lawn cemetery; transcribed by Mary Anthony Holland ( Source (S229)
256 On 7 April 2012, I received an email from Gene Warley in Houston TX, with a scanned note of unknown origin. The note included information that Verona TSCHUDI had "several brothers," and that she and husband Samuel WILD arrived in the US in 1833.

The note refers to "Aunt Catherine Baldinger" as well as "Aunt Sophie." I suspect records held by Gayle Cahal may shed some light.

The note also suggests that Samuel WILD died shortly after the family's arrival in Philadelphia.

14 April 2012, I searched and located Ancestral File listings for Samuel Wild and his family.  
TSCHUDI, Verona (I827)
257 On David King Wallace's marriage license to Minnie Weethee Garrison, he lists his father as "J. R. Wallace," and his mother's maiden name as "Miller." HAYCOOK, Belle (I969)
258 Original estimate of marriage date (before 1882) was based on birth of Minnie Almary Weethee. The 1880 Census shows Eusebius and Hannah married with a 10 month-old child. Family F373
259 Otis B Fitch appears in the 1850 Census in Franklinville, NY, about 70 N of Johnsonburg PA. He appears at line 27, as the 113th dwelling visited.
On line 20, at the 112th dwelling visited, the following people appear:
Ephraim Fitch, age 58? Born M??? (Massachusetts?) b~1792
Othalia? Fitch, age 51? (Possibly Athalia?) Born in New York (“N.Y.”) b~1799
John O Fitch, age 21 b~1829
Lydia Fitch, age 15 b~1835
Charles D?, age 12 b~1838
E??cta?, age 8 female b~1842
David? Mayer, age 85; listed as pauper, no occupation listed b~1765. 
Family F98
260 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F49
261 Per Ella Mae Hawthorne's obit, he was a survivor in 1980 when she died. The Crabtree Family Chart shows all of that generation of Hawthornes as deceased when it was created, which suggests it was some time after 1991. HAWTHORNE, Carl O. (I67)
262 Per Rev. Linda Steelman, pastor of First Congregational Church in Marietta in 2012:
I have reviewed records from 1905 - 1925 searching for Clarence Fulton and Claire Williams and do not find their names recorded in the membership roster. Records of weddings in 1919 do not include any weddings of non-members of the church.

The Reverend C.C. Creegan, D.D. was minister of this congregation Dec. 12, 1915-Sept. 1, 1919.

April 16, 1919 was a Wednesday. Perhaps the couple you are searching for obtained their license at the courthouse and came over to the church. We are a block away. At that time weddings were often held on weekday mornings. The custom of Saturday (the favorite day now) - did not begin until the late 20's or early 30's.
Family F92
263 Perry McCall and Hannah Westerman McCall lived in Pueblo, Colorado for years. They had children
From Old Pueblo Directories:
1886 - D. P. McCall, plasterer, 503 W. 5th St.
1921 - David P. (Hannah D.), 311 W. 8th
1925 - David P. (Hannah D.) Laborer, 609 E. 10th St

From 1900 Soundex (Census) of Pueblo, Colorado (Greenwood Street)
David Perry McCall, b. Oct. 1850
Hannah B. McCall, b. Apr. 1854
Harry McCall, b. Oct. 1876
(Correspondent: Earl R. Heuchemer, 3512 St. Clair, Pueblo, CO 81005)

From 1909 Pueblo, Colorado City Directory:
McCall, David P., janitor, res 40l W. 8th
Emma B., died Dec. 27, '08, age 30
Harry N. asst. sec. and teas Crews-Beggs D. G. Co. bds 40l W. 8th.

Note: Written by Irma McCall Long
"His wife's name was Hannah, and I think she was a Westerman, and that she came from some place in Butler County. I never had heard that they went to Oregon, but did know that they lived in Pueblo, Colorado for years. They had children but I do not know any of their names. They were back to visit once that I know of when I was a small girl and lived on Inwood St. Our dad was named for him, Elmer Perry McCall. 
MCCALL, David Perry (I374)
264 Possibly Minnie Almary Weethee, per web posting from Sheryl Napier, daughter of Carolyn Pyatt. Carolyn would be Charles and Minnie's niece.
3/8/2008 - Her maiden name is Weethee. The funeral home record from Cook & Son for Arthur Garrison has Weethee. However, the obituary says "mother, Mrs Minnie Price." In a message posted on, Mark Hughes lists Minnie Weethee's sequence of husbands. She and Charles divorced in 1906, and she married David Wallace in 1907. David Wallace died in 1941, and Minnie eventually married or lived with Louis Oscar Price. Her obituary identifies her as Minnie Price, although she's buried with David Wallace in Green Lawn Cemetery 
WEETHEE, Minnie Almary (I258)
265 Prudence Davis Buchanan was from Chicago when she attended a brother's funeral in 1906 (obituary of brother). DAVIS, Prudence (I676)
266 Prudence Davis, born 1773, married Knight Scott abt. 1788. They lived in Unity Township, Westmoreland County in 1800. A Prudence Scott was living in Washington Township, Westmoreland County, in 1810, according to census records. She is the widow of Knight Scott, indicating that he died sometime in the first decade of the 19th century.

In 1817 Prudence Davis Scott remarried to David Huston, born 1773 in Ireland, died June 22, 1844, 71 yrs.

Prudence Davis Scott Huston died Aug. 1836, 63 yrs. Prudence Davis Scott and David Huston are buried in Brookline Cemetery, East Allegheny Twp., Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, a little church cemetery. 
DAVIS, Prudence (I616)
267 Rachel McClellend's parents are not yet identified. There were McClellands (Scots-Irish) in Butler County in the beginning of the 1800's. MCCLELLAND, Rachel (I619)
268 Reported to have hung herself after she learned her sons had been killed in the Battle of Brandywine. MCCLELLAND, Margaret (Mary) (I570)
269 Reportedly was killed in a sawmill accident WEETHEE, Daniel F. (I1101)
270 Reuben Heckathorn resided in Venango Co., PA. HECKATHORN, Reuben (I499)
271 Rev. Charles Nicholas Queen, son of Stewart Litle Queen and Anna Post Queen, was born Feb.17th, 1861. His father said, many times he was called to preach, but was limited in education and so handicapped that he was not prepared to enter the ministry, but often said he hoped and prayed that he might rear a son to take his place.

He was a great student of the Scriptures, and as the number (7) appeared to be a round or complete number in the Scriptures, he was a fervent believer in the ruling hand of Kind Providence; so when his seventh son (CHARLES NICHOLAS) was born, his father and mother set about to give him an early education and prepare him for the ministry. His mother would often resort with him (when quite young) to a private room and pray God's blessings and guiding hand to rest upon their son and to make him an efficient Minister of the Gospel. So at the age of 19 years he entered the Ministry.

Charles Nicholas was schooled at Upper Peck's Run, Buckhannon, French Creek Academy, all in Upshur County, and in Glenville State Normal in Gilmer County; three years in Otterbein College, Westerville, Ohio; finished a three year Sunday School Normal (Correspondence) Chautauqua Course in 1882; graduated in 1895 at Lane University, Lecompton, Kansas with Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts, 1898; Honorary D.D. was conferred by Philomath, Oregon, 1913.

Minister: Received First Orders July 1880 in United Brethren Church, Buckhannon; took First U.B. Church, Canton, Ohio in 1882; was ordained at Massilon, Ohio 1886; entered Congressional Fellowship at Fedonia, Kansas 1889; chosen President of the Kansas State S. S. Association 1893; elected president of the State C. E. Union of Oklahoma 1896; took professorship of theology and chosen Dean of the Atlanta Theological Seminary 1918-20.

Author of "WHY ARE SO FEW MEN IN THE CHURCHES" (1893) and "THRESHOLD OF THE KINGDOM" (1907); signed articles in over sixty newspapers and magazines; in MSS unpublished poems "AFTER SEVENTY", and interpretation of the Appalachian folk south of the Mason-Dixon Line entitled "FRIENDLY HILLS" and numerous short stories.

Queen Family Book; Written by Stephen Post Queen and Harry Sterling Queen 
QUEEN, Charles Nicholas (I870)
272 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F2
273 Robert McKee McCall hauled the stone for the construction of the Butler County Courthouse.

Civil war Service Record:
McCall, Robert McKee, Company: B, Unit: 6 Pennsylvania H.Art'y., Rank Induction: Private, Rank Discharge: Private, Allegiance: Union.

Robert McKee McCall is buried in North Side Cemetery, Butler, Pennsylvania and has a U.S. Government stone. Robert served in the Civil War with his brother Samuel R. McCall, Co. B., 212th Reg. 6th Heavy Artillery.
Also serving in Co. B: William John McCall
son of William Wasson McCall
serving in Co.A with Samuel R. McCall was
Robert McDowell McCall
son of William Wasson McCall
Robert T. McCall
son of Allen McCall
All five were cousins of almost the same age. 
MCCALL, Robert McKee (I509)
274 Robert Means was probably born in Ireland. He married his step-sister, Nancy Kelley, on Sept. 16, 1742 in the First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Robert Means died in 1779 at Ferguson Run, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania and is buried in the Homestead Graveyard. MEANS, Robert (I596)
275 Robert Thompson McCall served in the Civil War, Capt. Hutchinson's Co., 212 PA Vol., Co. A, 6 Reg't., Pa. Hy. Arty., Enrolled Aug. 31, 1864, M.O. with Co., June 13, 1865.

From Record and Pension Office: Personal Description of the soldier - Age: 21 yrs.; Height: 6 ft; Complexion & Hair: Light; eyes: Blue; Born: Butler Co., PA; Occupation: Farmer.

Civil War Service Record:
McCall, Robert T., Company: A, Unit: 6 Pennsylvania H.Art'y, Rank Induction: Private, Rank Discharge: Private, Allegiance: Union.

Robert Thompson McCall and Margaret Ifft McCall are buried in Muddy Creek U.P. Church Cemetery, Butler County, Pennsylvania. 
MCCALL, Robert Thompson (I518)
276 Robert was married to Effa J. Snyder, who bore him seven children, but died some time in the 1860's. His second wife was Catherine Amanda Stoughton. The children of Robert and Effa were: Nancy A. Davis, b. 1846; Zephenia Davis, b. 1848; Jacob Davis, b. 1853; William Davis, b. 1855; Mary Davis, b. 1857; Robert Davis, b. 1858; Caroline Davis, b. 1862.
Occupation: Farmer; farm in northeast section of Brady Twp., Butler Co., PA. 
DAVIS, Robert Henry (I630)
277 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F25
278 Sally Davis McCall died Jan. 1976, Portsmouth, Scioto Co., Ohio, SS# 278-03-7685. DAVIS, Sally (I425)
279 Samuel McCall was born in Pennsylvania, served with the Militia in the Indian Wars, under the maintenance of the Post at LeBouf (Erie, Pennsylvania) under the Command of Major Ebenezer Denny. Samuel McCall, Private: Commencement of Service: Feb. 12, Expiration of Service: May 31, 1795.

An Act by the Senate & House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on the 12th day of June, 1840, Samuel McCall was granted $40.00 pension, $40.00 grat. from Jan l, 1840..."Laws of Pennsylvania 1840, p. 653, 654."
From: Laws of Pennsylvania, pg. 653, (No.244) AN ACT, For the relief of Samuel McCall and others, soldiers and widows of soldiers of the revolutionary war.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met, and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same: That the State Treasurer be, and he is hereby authorized and directed to pay to Samuel McCall of Butler......and others.....widows of soldiers of the revolutionary and Indian wars, or their respective orders, forty dollars each immediately as a gratuity, and an annuity of forty dollars each during life, to be paid half yearly, commencing on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty. The foregoing gratuities and pensions to be paid in conformity with the existing laws.

Samuel McCall, son of (Father Unknown) and of (Mother Unknown), born 1770, Pennsylvania; died 11 Nov. 1843, Centre Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania; buried Muddy Creek U.P. Church Cemetery, Butler County, Pennsylvania. He was married to Else Davis.
Samuel McCall was the progenitor of the Butler County McCall families. His descendants can now be found in all parts of the nation. Samuel was born somewhere in Pennsylvania in the year 1770. Who were his parents? Did he have brothers and sisters? Where did he marry? Did his parents come over from Scotland or Ireland? Did they all cross the mountains to Western Pennsylvania together? Who was Samuel? What did he look like? These questions may never be answered. No portrait has been found of him. No description of him has been passed down from other generations now gone. No personal stories have survived to give us some idea of his personality. Samuel must have been strong and courageous, as most of the Scotish settlers were, to be able to come into the wilderness of Western Pennsylvania.
We know nothing about Samuel , except the bare statistics that are found on the black and white pages of a few records found in histories and the very old documents at the Butler County Court House... we will try to build a picture of Samuel McCall almost 200 years later.
The first census record of 1790, page 19, shows a Samuel McCall in Bedford County as head of the household, over 16 years of age. Samuel would have been 20 years old at that time. Another male over the age of 16 is also present in the household. Could this have been his father or a brother? Also, there is one female over the age of 16. This Samuel may or may not have been our Samuel McCall. In the 1800 Census we find a Samuel McCall in Unity Township, Westmoreland County, with a wife and two sons under the age of five years. This would line up with the ages of our Samuel McCall and his two oldest sons. Then in the 1810 Census our Samuel McCall is settled here in Butler County. An earlier record than the 1810 Census is the 1803 Tax List of Butler County. Samuel McCall is listed in this tax list as living in Connoquenessing Township, Butler County. He is taxed for one cow in the amount of $3.00. Butler County had just four townships at that time. In 1804 the county was divided into 13 townships and Samuel's residence was now in Centre Township. Then in 1854, the county was again divided into 33 townships and Samuel's residence was in Franklin Township. Although Samuel never moved from the place he first settled in Butler County, we can find his records in three different townships.
The 1883 History of Butler County states that Samuel McCall was an early settler of the county. He came here with his brother-in-law, William Davis and settled on the southern side of the Muddy Creek. Samuel's descendants live on this location to this day (Earl and Mary McCall Stamm). The farm is within the boundaries of Moraine State Park. According to Mary McCall Stamm, the original log home was located a few yards in front of the present farm home. Now we have tangible evidence of Samuel McCall. The sheepskin deed for this property is in the possession of another of Samuel's descendants who also lives on part of the original farm (Mrs. Howard McCall - Emily). The deed was not recorded until 1837, which was not unusual in those days. The farm contained 400 acres and ninety-two perches for which he paid forty-two cents.
Across the nearby stream called Muddy Creek is a small church called Muddy Creek United Presbyterian Church. The existing red brick church is the second structure on this site and was built in 1845. In the historic records of this church, Samuel McCall is listed as one of the organizers of Muddy Creek Church in 1803. Therefore he settled in Butler County sometime between 1800 and 1803. Here he lived until his death in 1843.
Samuel McCall was a pensioned veteran of the Revolutionary War. In June of 1840 a State Law was passed giving him this pension. In the 6th Series V, page 81 and 82 of the Pennsyvlania Archives is found Samuel's military service. Pennsylvania Militia 1790-1800 Muster and Payrolls. Militia under the maintenance of the Post at Fort LeBouf. Samuel was a private and served from February 12 to May 31, 1795, under the command of Major Ebenezer Denny. This fort is the present town of Waterford, Pennsylvania , near Erie.
Among the microfilmed records in the Butler County Court House are some other interesting transactions of Samuel McCall. Samuel McCall died on November 11, 1843 and just three days later on November 14, 1843, his wife Else also died. They were both in their eighties. There is no record of cause of death. Their deaths so close together makes one wonder. Did they die of smallpox or some other contagious disease? Or maybe some kind of accident? After their deaths in November 1843, the contents of their home was sold at auction on December 10, 1843. A document in the Court House lists each article, who purchased it, and what they paid for it. Samuel's sons, sons-in-law, and neighbors were the persons who purchased the items.
Another document dated May 23, 1846, where the children of Samuel McCall have made an agreement to give the property left by his death to two of his sons, namely, Samuel, Jr., and Allen. The other six sons and daughters give up all claim to the property. In 1850 Samuel, Jr. died, and the original property then belongs to the youngest son, Allen. It is the descendants of Allen who live on the property today.
The burial site of Samuel and Else is unknown. They most likely are buried in the "old" section of the Muddy Creek United Presbyterian Cemetery, but there are no headstones for them. There are headstones for the burial sites of his sons, Samuel McCall, Jr., Allen McCall and Wilson McCall in this cemetery. A Veteran's Marker, in memory of Samuel McCall, was placed on the lot of his son Samuel McCall, Jr.
Samuel McCall built a log home on his settlement but it no longer exists. The frame home that stands near the location of the log home was built by Samuel's grandson, Frank McCall. It is the home of Earl and Mary McCall Stamm. The farm has been listed with the " Century Farms of Pennsylvania" as one that has been continuously farmed by the same family for over one hundred years. 
MCCALL, Samuel (I311)
280 Search Immigration Records for "Luise Diefenbach" between 1890-1893. Also shows hit for "Margth Diefenbach" DIEFENBACH, Louis (I805)
281 Search for Ephraim Fitch, b~1792; He is listed as being 58 in the 1850 Census, possibly born in Mass. Ancestry shows hits for Ephraim Fitch in NY State Censuses. FITCH, Otis Buringame (I279)
282 Search for information about Mom between her college graduation and their marriage in 1959. BALDINGER, Beatrice Joy (I4)
283 Search for passport application for 1905 trip to Germany with Tillie. That should lead to her immigration petitions. Should search for her petition while searching for JC Mueller's.

2013 09 01 - Located the following information at Ancestry:

New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 about Louise Schirmer
Name: Louise Schirmer
Arrival Date: 24 Jun 1871
Birth Date: abt 1849
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: S Weimar
Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany
Destination: United States of America
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
Ship Name: Main

I'm not certain this is the correct person, but the age and departure info are pretty close.

2015 03 07
I think that's probably her. There's a Bertha Müller, age 19, also from South Weimar. That would be a very interesting coincidence. I don't think there's a connection though. I want to get the full manifest for more information, including departure port and date. 
SCHIRMER, Louisa Friederike Wilhelmine (I22)
284 See her artwork at BOCK, Carolyn Christine (I41)
285 See for marriage record. Family F461
286 See if has any useful information. BALDINGER, Andrew (I179)
287 See this Ancestry link for more information. There were 4 other children besides Anna Catherine.  WILD, Samuel (I826)
288 Service number 407972.
Application number 30608. 
SINGLEBACK, George Walter Sr (I273)
289 She does not appear in the 1930 Census entry. LUBASKI, Evelyn Marie (I803)
290 She drowned in the 1913 Flood, one of some 100 deaths in Columbus and almost 500 statewide. See this page at the Ohio Historical Society for more information.  VAN SICKLE, Hannah (I965)
291 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I256)
292 Some records may spell the last name HATHORNE. HAWTHORNE, Oliver (I1515)
293 Source: Mother's Civil War Pension File
Text: Civil War Muster 
WASSON, Thomas H (I726)
294 Story of the name Aaron Lyle Hazen McCall.
When Aaron Lyle Hazen McCall's father, Thomas Reed McCall, died on November 27, 1885 at the age of 33 years, he left his wife with six small children. The youngest was just one month old.
The story goes that she had decided to give her youngest child up for adoption to a prosperous Butler judge (Judge Aaron Lyle Hazen). The judge and his wife had lost their family, except for one daughter to illness.
The arrangements had been made and the judge had named the child after himself. But then the mother decided to keep her child. She left his name as it was and just added McCall to it.

Aaron Lyle Hazen McCall resided in Riverview, Beaver Falls, PA. 
MCCALL, Aaron Lyle Hazen (I476)
295 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I153)
296 The 1900 US Census entry shows them at 298 Kimball. Kimball was renamed W Gay St, and the section of Kimball where Charles Garrison used to live looks to have been condemned for the construction of Veteran's Memorial. GARRISON, Charles Emory (I257)
297 The 1910 Census shows the following people living with Carl:
Wife "Lena" age 32
Daughter Margaret, age 2
Daughter Magdalena, age 5 months
Louis, age 60 (Father of Carl)
Margaret, age 59 (Mother of Carl)
It also lists Carl's immigration year as 1896, and gives an estimated birth year of 1884. 
Family F78
298 The 1920 Census shows the following people living with Carl:
Wife "Magdelean," age 41
Daughter Marguerite, age 11
Daughter Magdelena, age 10
Son Carl B, age 1 1/2 
Family F78
299 The 1930 Census lists George's age at last birthday as 5 in April 1930. His SSDI record shows a DOB of 18 Jan 1926. SINGLEBACK, George Walter Jr. (I809)
300 The 1930 Census shows the following people living with Carl:
Wife Magdelena, age 52
Daughter "Magerat L," age 21
Son Carl, age 11
Son William, age 10
Mother Margaret, age 70 
Family F78

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