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301 The accompanying letter is on stationery from the JC Mueller Feed Store at 322 E Pecan St in Austin. Source (S296)
302 The Angelfire listing gives his place of birth as Mineral, WV. There is a Mineral County in WV, and several locations with Mineral in the name, but none in Lewis County. It should be noted that Lewis County is adjacent to Upshur County, where many of the Queens are from.

QUEEN, Arthur Burton (I855)
303 The Angelfire site gives his date of death as 13 May 1934, or 11 years later than the Exponent-Telegram article (23 May 1923).
He died suddenly while waiting for a street car to pick him up at Weston, W.VA. after his day's labor. The attending physician pronounced his death due to being gassed in World War 1, in France. He was buried in the Greenlawn Cemetary at Clarksburg, W.Va.

The basic source for both pieces is Stephen Post Queen. It's not clear when he wrote the Queen Family Book that is cited throughout the Angelfire site.  
QUEEN, Harvey Harrison (I860)
304 The Angelfire site reports that "Magga died the same day as her sister Nelley; both died of Membranous Croup, or Diphtheria, and were buried in a double casket." QUEEN, Margaret (I859)
305 The Angelfire site reports that "Nelley Queen died the same day as her sister Magga, both died of Membranous Croup, or Diphtheria, and were buried in a double casket." QUEEN, Nelly (I858)
306 The article mentions they were married by her uncle, Elias Bennett. Family F332
307 The Benz letter lists both 1901 and 1912 as her year of death, but I suspect the former is correct. MAYER, Maria (I1562)
308 The Benz letter notes that she was a nun. MAYER, Katharina (I1567)
309 The Benz letter notes that she was a nun. MAYER, Maria (I1569)
310 The Benz letter notes that she was a nun. MAYER, Anna (I1570)
311 The census record shows 19 people living at this address, all renting. There were several single women living there (including one who was born at sea on her way from Germany), as well as at least two widows with children. WEETHEE, Eusebius Russell (I964)
312 The Ellsworth Crabtree family lived in the Scioto County area, near the McCall family...... later moved back to Columbus, Ohio. CRABTREE, Ellsworth Arthur (I645)
313 The entry notes this was both a business and home address. GARRISON, Charles Emory (I257)
314 The Family Sheet included with Smith Ancestors has more information for Louisa. It has a DOB of 6 July 1874 (in Ashtabula, Ohio), but also suggests she was previously married, and that her first husband died in 1881, which would mean she was married at age 7.

The sheet also mentions children Elisha and Ida Kirkland, and gives Louisa's parents as Isaac George Kirkland and Emma Fanny Noyes.  
KIRKLAND, Louisa Grace (I1060)
315 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F3
316 The Hess Family Tree says she was born in W√ľnschensuhl, Thuringen, Germany, but does not have a citation. SCHIRMER, Johanna Henriette Christina Emilia (I990)
317 The LUBASKI name appears in several different forms in various records, including LUSBASKI, LABUSKI, and LAWBUSKI. I believe LUBASKI to be the correct spelling (6 APR 2007).

After further examination of the 1930 Census (S221), I think I've been misinterpreting James' middle initial as a G rather than an S. (21 May 2012) 
LUBASKI, James S (I265)
318 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F2
319 The marriage license does not list a father for Helen, only her mother Ruth Spindler. She's listed that way in the identification section, but Ruth signed it as "Ruth Spindler Goodman, sole parent." SPINDLER, Helen (I975)
320 The marriage license notes that Minnie was widowed; she used the name Minnie Almary Garrison. Family F372
321 The marriage license refers to it as Spandau, Prussia which is correct if she was born before 1871. WALTER, Hermine Elise Mathilde Ferdnande (I1241)
322 The marriage license says that Lawn is in Fayette County. Maps show it close to the border with Fayette and Summers counties. It's entirely possible that Lawn was at one time in Fayette County. HEDRICK OR HEDRICKS, Roy Edward (I70)
323 The newspaper article gives his date of birth as 4 April. QUEEN, George Lee (I854)
324 The obit has his DOB in July; I had guessed at his DOB based on the 1930 Census. Source (S280)
325 The only information I have regarding Ada Shettler is a 2004 letter from Mary Fulton, where Mary says that her dad's mother was Ada Gorton Shettler. However, the 1900 Census for Reynoldsville, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania appears to list Michael and Jennie Singleback as George's parents.  SHETTLER, Ada Gorton (I275)
326 The spelling of his last name returned to Weethee in the 1898 - 1899 edition WEETHEE, Eusebius Russell (I964)
327 The SSDI record gives his DOB as 23 Aug 1936. LINK, Richard Ned (I1502)
328 The Weethee/Cole document lists him as "Joseph Triplet," and has the same listing for sister Nancy. It's not clear if they were two of a set of triplets, or if there was another marriage. PAULK, Joseph (I1125)
329 Their marriage date is speculation. In the 1900 Census, they both report being married one year. Yet Louis Garrison was born and died in 1898, and his interment records show Charles and Minnie Garrison as his parents. In the 1896-1897 Columbus City Directory, Charles Garrison lived across the street from Eusebius Weethee on Gangewer Alley. In the next year, Charles had moved to 510 Nace Ave.

On 23 Jun 2009, I contacted the Franklin County Probate Court for a records search.
The Franklin County Probate Court received your request for information
on Charles Emery Garrison. I have searched the Probate records for
Franklin County from 1867-1908 and was unable to find his name listed.
GARRISON, Charles Emory (I257)
330 There are no entries between the 1900 - 1901 edition and the 1904 edition, under Weethee or Wethee. WEETHEE, Eusebius Russell (I964)
331 There are two records for Edward Emile at Family Tree. The second one is 9V7H-PYK, and I believe it is less accurate/current than KH4F-PMS. BALDINGER, Edward Emile (I186)
332 There is a family story that Joseph W. Davis met Eliza Virginia Clark when she was a maid working at the Old Stone House, the famous inn on the old Pittsburgh-Mercer Road (now Route 8) near Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. CLARK, Eliza Virginia (I634)
333 There is a Maggie Fitch, age 12, listed as living with Abbie and Ernest Fitch in the 1900 Census for Elk County. 1900 Census shows them both age 23, and married with 2-3 children. I seriously doubt this is Ernest and Abbie's daughter, as they would have been 11 when Maggie was conceived. There is no information about who Maggie's parents are, though. Was Maggie 12? If so that should make her Ernest's sister, as he almost certainly did not father a child at age 11! She does not appear in the 1910 Census. Family F97
334 There is a Maggie FITCH, age 12, listed as living with Abbie and Ernest FITCH in the 1900 Census for Elk County. I seriously doubt this is Ernest and Abbie's daughter, as they would have been 11 when Maggie was conceived. There is no information about who Maggie's parents are, though. Could she be a niece, or perhaps Ernest's baby sister? Age 12 in 1900 would have had her born in 1888, but Otis would have been about 50 then.

20 Apr 2012
When I got a better copy of the 1900 Elk County Census, I could see that Maggie is listed as the adopted daughter of Caroline, born Sep 1887, age 12 at last birthday.

Caroline is listed as (M)arried, not widowed or divorced, but she's also listed as Head of Household. 
Family F98
335 There is no information known on J. C. Mueller and Louise Schirmer and their life or years in the State of New York. We have only the family tradition of their marriage in New York, but nothing can be verified nor documented concerning how long, when, or why they were in New York. Other than the fact that Louise Schirmer's sister was living in New York, presumably about the time that Louise came to the U. S., there is no evidence nor documentation of their having been in New York.

According to family tradition, as indicated in the Mueller Chronology by Carl Edward Bock, both came in 1867, when J. C. Mueller was 20 and Louise Schirmer was 18. This appears logical enough, and it would be easy to accept this as a fact, except there is no documentation to back up the date. This also leaves the years between 1867 and 1872 unaccounted for. It is difficult to believe that there would be no record nor evidence of where they were for the five years in advance of their marriage in 1872. Furthermore, if they were in the U.S. in 1870, neither name has been located in the 1870 census.
Family F9
336 There was a duplicate Joseph Crabtree from a GEDCOM imported in 2004. I've manually merged the two. 12 Jan 2013 CRABTREE, Joseph Seth (I56)
337 There were 11 people from the FITCH and NICHOLS families living together. Otis and Caroline Fitch and their three children (Maria, 9; Ophelia, 7; and Fitz A, 2), along with George W and Mary Z Nichols and their four sons (William H, 8; Judson C, 6; Frank E, 3; and James H, 1).
Otis FITCH listed his occupation as farmer ($800 real estate; $300 personal estate); George W NICHOLS listed his occupation as "Cabinet-maker" ($30 personal estate). 
Family F98
338 There's a 1940 US Census record for Blanche Miller, married to Harry Miller, living in Detroit's 10th Ward. There are 3 Lubaski children living with them: James (13), Paul (11), and Evelyn (9). No mention of Garnet or Violet May, who'd have been 16 at that point. The Census says they were living in the same place in 1935, so whatever happened to James happened between 1930 and 1935. But where were Garnet and Violet? ARNOLD, Blanche (I266)
339 They resided on Montmorenci Road (now Rt 948). They had been married for 13 years in 1910. Ernest Fitch's parents born in NY; Abbie Allison's parents born in Sweden. Ernest worked as a railroad car inspector. They owned the house, althought the record seems to indicate a farm schedule (11?).
The last 4 columns on the census form are a bit confusing. They read: 11-| 3 |-x-|5 Does that 3 indicate some service in the Civil War? The "-x-" appears in the column headed "Whether blind (both eyes)" 
Family F97
340 They went "to Panama City for wedding trip," according to his notes in "Harold Mueller Family Chronology." Family F1
341 They were possibly living in/on the "Proehl Allotment," and renting the home for $30/month.
James was born in Ohio, as was his mother; his father was born in Germany. Blanche and her parents were all born in West Virginia. Blanche was 14 when she married James in about 1921.
James worked as a machinist for a rubber factory, and was employed at the time of the census. James was also a World War 1 Veteran.
The Proehl Allotment
"His (Proehl's) territory was Lockwood Corners and State Mill Rd both of which run off of Manchester Rd. (St. Rt. 93). About 3-4 block area north of this intersection just past the lake you will see Proehl Ave. where it links from Rt. 93 (Manchester Rd.) to Robinson Ave." From a post on the Summit County, Ohio board regarding the Proehl Allotment,+barberton,+oh&sll=41.000241,-81.593056&sspn=0.017393,0.031157&ie=UTF8&ll=41.009536,-81.559367&spn=0.01739,0.036306&z=15&om=1 
Family F91
342 This is a calculated birth year based his reported age in the 1860 census. MCCALL, William Wasson (I289)
343 This is a little off from their responses in the 1910 Census, which indicate they were married around 1900. Edgar David Wasson was born around 1901 Family F518
344 This is the last entry for Eusebius for the searched time period (1890 - 1910). WEETHEE, Eusebius Russell (I964)
345 Thomas J. Thompson had two brothers...James Milton Thompson and John Humes Thompson. THOMPSON, Thomas James (I371)
346 Thomas Wasson is mentioned in the Will of Jane Wasson - 1833, his mother.
Source: William G. Roy -
Text: Wasson, James V. Early West Pennsylvania Wassons, about 1995.mimeo. 
WASSON, Thomas (I340)
347 Thomas Wasson took over the John Wasson plantation buying the interest of James and Elizabeth, lived and died on his father's farm.

James Wasson married Mary Orr and went down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh in flat boats, trying to avoid the Indians on the river banks. They were among the first settlers in the Fort at Lexington, Kentucky about 1780.

Info Contributed by: Mrs. Ernest Dunlap, Bryan Station Chapter, Wasson Bible, listed in Kentucky Court of Records.
James Wasson went to Kentucky from Greencastle County, PA. Children of James and Mary Orr Wasson were:-
John, b. Nov. 25, 1795
James, b. June 12, 1795, d. 1868
Thomas, b. Nov. 14, 1800, d. 1842
William, b. July 10, 1803, d. 1833
Samuel Wilson, b. Apr. 1806, d. 1854
Mary Ann, b. Feb. 1809
Robert Harvey, M.D., b. Mar. 11, 1811 
WASSON, James (I580)
348 Thomas Wimer served in the Civil War. He is buried in the Davis Cemetery alongside of William Davis. Thomas has a military marker. WIMER, Thomas (I613)
349 USMC Lance Corporal, Vietnam Vet according to gravestone. DIEFENBACH, Joseph W (I149)
350 Various entries at Family Search have "Elmira" as her middle name. WEETHEE, Minnie Almary (I258)
351 Various records have used "Emery" and/or "Garitson." GARRISON, Charles Emory (I257)
352 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I201)
353 Walter and Sarah Steffler McCall are buried in Grandview Cemetery, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. STEFFLER, Sarah H. (Sadie) (I468)
354 We own a copy of a hand-drawn chart. It was made after Lula Hawthorne Loring died, apparently, but also before Linda Garrison Diefenbach's children were known to the creator. I suspect this because Diana recalls being told of Aunt Lu's death when she was younger, and the chart does not show any children for Linda. I actually suspect it was done not long after Aunt Lu died, but at this time I have no idea who made it. RBM 9/26/2003 Source (S1)
355 When Thomas N. Sloan lived in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, he sold to the presidents father, James Buchanan, several lots.

Thomas N. Sloan was born in Great Cove, Fulton Co., Pennsylvania. He was Postmaster in Newport in 1811. His death was caused by a woolen mill accident. Places of Residence: Newport, Indiana County, Pennsylvania;
Church Affiliation: Presbyterian.

Info: Will recorded in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, Will Book I, pg. 36. 
SLOAN, Thomas N. (I607)
356 Wilber C. McJunkin died May, 1970, Amanda, Fairfield, Ohio, SS#299-32-2623. MCJUNKIN, Wilber C. (I423)
357 Will Book A Page 37l William P. Stewart
Filed March 1846
Executors: Thomas Campbell and Josiah Timblin
Witnesses: John Christie and John McCall
Recorded by: William Balph
Also willed land located in Centre Township adjoining lands of Dixon Fleming. 
STEWART, William McGeary (I492)
358 William and Mary Wasson and daughter Mary buried in West Sunbury Presbyterian Cemetery, West Sunbury, PA. WASSON, William (I339)
359 William and Mary Wasson Bartley are buried in Mt. Varnum Cemetery, Washington Twp., Butler County, PA. WASSON, Mary (I664)
360 William Davis first appears in the historical record on a tax list for Mt. Pleasant Twp. in Westmoreland County , Pennsylvania, in 1786. We conclude that this William Davis is our ancestor because:
1. A Knight Scott is also listed in 1786 on the tax list for the same township.
2. Prudence Scott is a daughter of William Davis as shown in the Butler County will for William Davis, deceased, probated in 1814.
3. A deed in Westmoreland County records that Knight Scott was granted a land patent for land straddling Unity and Derry townships (formerly, Mt. Pleasant Township).
4. Knight Scott and Prudence Scott sell the part of their land patent in Derry township to William Davis in 1797 within a few months after it is awarded.

William and Ann Davis sold their Westmoreland County property in 1802 (Westmoreland County Record of Deeds, Vol. 6, p.257) and, together with the Samuel McCall family, moved to Butler County, probably in the present Franklin Twp. area (the 1883 Butler County History lists William Davis and Samuel McCall as pioneer settlers in Franklin Twp.). In 1805, Ann Davis paid bond to serve as administratrix for the deceased William Davis, as recorded in the Butler County register of Wills (Will D-1). The estate is paid to the widow and the five children (David, Lemuel, William, Else McCall, and Prudence Scott) in 1814.

There is a story about the decease of William that we recently heard, but have no idea about its truth. The story is that the area in those days was full of wild game---deer, bear, wolves, etc. Bill Davis and Sam McCall went hunting together and were gone for many days. Finally, Sam came back and said that a bear ate Bill! Take the story with a grain of salt---we don't know. 
DAVIS, William (I618)
361 William Davis lived in Derry Twp., in Westmoreland County. He and his family came to Butler County about 1802. He served, together with brother Lemuel, in Captain John Schaffer's company for about six weeks in the War of 1812 in January and February of 1814.

William Davis married Rachel McClellend about1809. So far as we can tell by census and deed records, William and Rachel lived on the south bank of Muddy Creek within the present day eastern section of Moraine State Park all of their adult lives. In 1818 and 1820, William and David sold adjacent 50 acre plots of land, with right to remain on the property for 5 years thereafter. (Vol. D, p.487, 488, Butler Co. Register of Deeds). The property adjoined Samuel McCall on east and Moses McCandless on south. No record so far found shows how William and his brother, David, originally acquired title, but it must have been from settlement land of their father and mother. The census records show him to be a neighbor of George Means from 1820 through 1840. We don't think William ever moved, but probably farmed on shares til 1843. Finally in 1843, George Means sold land to William Shaffer and William Davis (Vol. N, p. 469); immediately after, William Davis bought 10 acres of the property from Wm. Shaffer (Vol. O, p.109.

William Davis died sometime between 1864 and 1870 - about 80 years old. In 1864, the records show that William and son Joseph W. sold mineral rights on their property, giving the last date that William was still alive. Both William and Rachel are listed in the 1860 census, but are gone by 1870. Rachel died between 1860 and 1870. Rachel's grave location is unknown but probably next to her husband; William's resting place is marked by a military marker attesting to his service in the War of 1812, in the Davis cemetery on North County Club Road in Moraine State Park. 
DAVIS, William Wilkins (I615)
362 William Dixon Fleming is the son of William Fleming , b 1762, Armagh Co., Ireland, and Elizabeth Bartley, b. 1779, Tyrone Co., Ireland. FLEMING, William Dixon (I669)
Son of Alice McCall Thompson and Thomas Thompson
William began and ended his life in a tragic way. William was born with one side paralyzed. Although he was very handicapped, with his arm and leg on that side useless, he managed to run the Thompson Farm for many years with very little help.
Eventually his health was affected by his paralysis and at the age of 45, William took his own life by hanging. His body was discovered by his young nephew, Loyal Bell, who was about nine years old. Loyal was present when they cut the body down and was handed the knife that was used for that purpose. Needless to say, Loyal has never forgotten that experience.
William Thompson had kept a journal where he recorded all the interesting events and happenings of the Euclid neighborhood. His journal also recorded much of the family history, both Thompson and McCall. His sister, Teressa Thompson, daughter of Alice McCall, was considered the family historian. William's journal, Alice's history, and family pictures that had been saved for generations were all lost when the Thompson home was burned to the ground, many years later. 
THOMPSON, William Edwin (I479)
364 William Garrison's death certificate lists her first as Minnie Wallace, with a street address of 104 S Gift St, Columbus, but that has been crossed out. The modifications read "Weethee" and Williamsport, OH. Williamsport is in Deer Creek TWP, about 10 miles from Circleville. WEETHEE, Minnie Almary (I258)
365 William John McCall served in the Civil War. He enrolled on Aug. 30, 1864, the same day his brother Robert McDowell McCall re-enlisted. William was enrolled in the same regiment but a different Company. He was assigned as a Private in Company B, 212th Regiment, 6th Penna. Heavy Artillery. He gave his age as 19 years. He was mustered into service at Allegheny on Sept. 6, 1864. William was mustered out of service at Allegheny, Pennsylvania with the Battery on June 13, 1865.

Civil War Service Record:
McCall, William J., Company: Unit: Pennsylvania H.Art'y., Rank Induction: Private, Rank Discharge: Private,
Notes: 6 Pa Hy Arty, Allegiance: Union.

Mary Lapsley McCall's Mother married a Lapsley who died of burns (scalded). Before Lapsley died he asked a brother to take care of her ... and this brother married her.

William John McCall was 35 years old when he moved to Millvale, near Pittsburgh, to follow his trade as a plasterer. One of his sons, James Howard McCall was also a plasterer.

William John McCall and Mary Lapsley McCall are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Kittaning Pike, O'Hara Twp., Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania.

Miscellaneous Information:
William John McCall, 1845-1901, Great Grandfather. When he died he left each child $500.00. Aunt Amy's husband borrowed her $500.00 and started a business (store) in Millvale, Pennsylvania. It was a success and he returned her money to her. Building still standing. (1987)
Information from: Patricia Dillon McCully - Oct. 1987 
MCCALL, William John (I356)
366 William McCall and descendants lived in the area of Maumee, Ohio, near Toledo, Ohio.
Two children were born to William McCall and his first wife, no information on them.
William McCall and his first wife are buried in Grove Cemetery, New Brighton, Pennsylvania. 
MCCALL, William W. (I473)
367 William Means was probably born in Ireland. He died and was buried in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. MEANS, William (I595)
368 William Monks, son of Absolom, Jr. and Harriet Chantler Monks, was a farmer in Middlesex Township, Butler County, and then moved to Butler, Pennsylvania. Walking home from work after a violent storm which had torn down electric wires along the street, William stepped in a puddle of water on the sidewalk which was charged from the broken wires and was instantly killed. MONKS, William John (I401)
369 William Perry McCall married Effie Dodds, daughter of Cyrus Kiester Dodds and Mary Elizabeth McJunkin Dodds. MCCALL, William Perry (I411)
370 William Sloan is buried in Big Springs graveyard. Places of Residence: Great Cove, Fulton County, Pennsylvania. Occupation: Cooper; Church Affiliation: Presbyterian; Military Rec: Charles Taggarts Co.
Frances Nesbit was a housewife and mother and a Presbyterian.

Info: Will recorded Bedford Co. Records Will Book I, pg. 208.
Lived in Big Springs, Ayr Twp., Bedford, PA.
Soldier of the Revolution.
William Sloan was granted Letters of Administration on Apr. 22, 1767, after his mother was released from captivity by the Indians. 
SLOAN, William (I585)
371 William Thompson is mentioned in the will of Jane Wasson, his grandmother. THOMPSON, William (I547)
372 William Wasson is mentioned in the will of Jane Wasson, his grandmother. WASSON, William (I565)
373 William Wasson is mentioned in the will of Jane Wasson, his grandmother. WASSON, William (I714)
374 William Wasson McCall and Amy McCandless McCall were married Sept. 22, 1842. Amy McCandless was the daughter of Robert David McCandless and Elizabeth Turk McCandless.
William Wasson McCall and Amy McCandless McCall are buried in Clinton U.P. Cemetery, Clinton Twp. Butler County, Pennsylvania.

Last Will and Testament of William Wasson McCall
Will Book: Volume J, page 63, Butler County Court House Annex
Last Will and Testament
W. W. McCall
In the name of God Amen; I, W. W. McCall of Clinton Township in the County of Butler and the State of Pennsylvania being in feable health but of sound and disposing mind, praised be God for the same, do therefore make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament.

1st. After all my just debts and obligations are paid and discharged, the residue and remainder of my estate real and personal, I will devise and bequeath as follows viz:

2nd I will, devise and bequeath to my wife the use and absolute control of the one half of the homestead house in which we now reside and two cows and pasture and shelter for the same, together with the full one third of all the products of my farm all for and during her natural life.

3rd I will, devise and bequeath to my son Isaiah McCall my farm wagon, spring wagon, top buggy and one horse.

4th I will, devise and bequeath to my three daughters viz: Martha Emma McCall, Elizabeth J. Tuttle and Serepta Monks, two hundred dollars each to be paid as and when herein after stated.

5th I will, devise and bequeath to my son John McCall five hundred dollars.

6th I will, devise and bequeath to my son Perry McCall Four Hundred Dollars.

7th I will, devise and bequeath to my son Nelson McCall two hundred dollars, provided that said Nelson McCall pay his rent to the heirs of James Campbell (decd.) late of Butler Borough and all obligations which I stand as surety for, otherwise should said Nelson McCall fail to pay and have paid by my said estate, then this bequest of two hundred dollars to said Nelson McCall to be null and void and not binding.

8th The balance of my personal property, not all ready disposed of in my last will to be sold by my executors and the proceeds of said sale to be appropriated to the payment of my debts and funeral expenses, etc.

9th I further will devise and bequeath to my sons Isaiah McCall and Samuel McCall, my farm of land situate in Clinton Twp. being all the land that I may be possessed of at the time of my decease to be equally divided in acres to suit themselves. Provided they pay the aforementioned legasies, equally, that is eight hundred and fifty dollars each to be paid one year after the decease of my wife without interest.

10th I likewise constitute and appoint my sons viz: Robert McCall and Isaiah McCall my executors to execute this my last will and testament.
Witness my hand and seal this 18th day of July AD 1887.

W. W. McCall (seal)
Signed sealed and delivered in our presence and we in the presence of each other.
Robert Trimble
John Quinn

State of Pennsylvania)
Butler County ) S.S.
Personally came before me the Registrar of Wills in and for said County, Robert McCall, a resident of Clinton Twp., Butler Co. in said County who being duly sworn according to law deposeth and saith that to the best of his knowledge and belief, Wm. W. McCall late of the Township of Clinton in said County departed this life on the 21st day of July A.D. 1887 about 12 o'clock noon of said day.
Sworn and subscribed before me
this 13 day of August A.D. 1887
M. C. Byerly, Registrar Robert McCall

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
Butler County ) SS
Registrars office August 13, A.D. 1887
Then personally appeared before me the subscriber Registrar for the probate of wills and granting letters of administration in and for said County of Butler, Robert Trimble and John Quinn, the subscribing witnesses to the above and forgoing last will and testament of W. W. McCall deceased. The testator therein named sign, said, publish, pronounce and declare the above foregoing instrument of writing as and for his last will and testament and that at the doing there of he was of sound disposing mind, memory and understanding and being to the best of their knowledge and belief and they at his request and in his presence and the presence of each other did sign their names thereto as witnesses.
Sworn and subscribed before
me the day and year aforesaid Robert Trimble
M. W. Byerle, Registrar John Quinn

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania)
County of Butler )SS
Registrar Office Butler August 13, A.D. 1887
You Robert M. and Isaiah M. do sware that as executors of W. W. McCall deceased you will well and truly administer the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the decedent according to law and diligently and faithfully regard and well and truly comply with the provisions of the law relating to collateral inheritance.
Isaiah M. McCall
Robert M. McCall
Sworn and subscribed before me the day
and year aforesaid and letter testamentary
granted unto Isaiah and Robert McCall
M. W. Byerle, Registrar
Recorded 8-13-1887

Receipt of Elizabeth Tuttle for $200.00 in full legacy filed June 23, 1893
Receipt of Emmaline Hull for $200.00
Receipt of Mrs. R. Monks for $200.00
Receipt of William John McCall $500.00
Receipt of David P. McCall $400.00
all filed June 23, 1893 
MCCALL, William Wasson (I327)
375 [i]Smith Family Charts, 1993[/i] show her as being born in Kline, Pendleton County, West Virginia. The two locations are about 18 miles apart. MALLOW, Mary Susan (I132)

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