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Adam Mueller, April 2012
Adam Mueller, April 2012
Johann Karl Müller. Matthew Kreisle. Carl Louis Diefenbach. These men sought a new life in America, leaving their homes in Germany. I can but imagine what they went through as they sought out a new life here. I hope to record some of that history to be able to share it with their descendants, no matter where they've drifted across the world.

When I was in my teens, my dad accomplished an amazing amount of genealogical research the old-fashioned way: telephone calls and letters and trips to the National Archives to do the research by hand. I'm amazed at what he accomplished with those "limited" resources.

This site started out as a display of what he was able to discover, but it has grown. I'm doing my best to document the ancestors who helped shape my history and their descendants. Posts about my work can be found here at my blog. You are invited to join in the exploration. I'm researching the following lines:

Baldinger, Bleike, Bock, Cahal, Durst, Kreisle/Kreussle, Mayer, Mueller, Smith, Tschudi, Wild

Crabtree, Diefenbach, Garrison, Hawthorne, Lubaski, Schmidt, Wallace, Wasson, Weethee, Williams

Fitch, Fulton, Safko, Singleback, Wasson

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He is no great heir that inherits not his ancestor's virtues. ~ Proverb

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Wenn Sie hier gelandet sind weil Sie deutsche Verwandten suchen, dann sind Sie herzlich Willkommen. Ich habe zwar nur wenig Informationen über den deutschen Zweig meiner Familie, würde aber gern mehr lernen. Als ich 1982 in Europa war habe ich einige Cousinen kennengelernt (die Familie Wilke, in der Nähe von Weimar); 1987 habe ich auch die Familie Schlatter im Kreis Rhein-Hunsrück kennengelernt.

Ich würde mich sehr freuen, von meinen deutschen Verwandten per E-Mail ( zu hören. Ich kann nur wenig Deutsch, hoffe aber, daß Sie sich trotzdem melden werden, auf English oder Deutsch.

7 Sept 2013 - I'm working on connecting some of my lines here with the Family Tree project at the LDS Family Search website. You'll see a 7-character code on some individuals, listed as the Family Tree ID. Likewise, on that site, I'm listing this site as a source. I think I'm only going to copy specific lines that have me stumped, like Andrew Baldinger; I don't know anything about his parents.

31 Mar 2013 - I have begun translating portions of the site into German. TNG already has excellent foreign language support, but the mods and custom text that I've added need to be translated. I'm using Google Translate, so if you find an obvious error, please let me know.

Ich habe angefangen zu übersetzen, Teile der Seiten ins Deutsche. TNG hat bereits hervorragende Unterstützung von Fremdsprachen, aber die Mods und Custom Text, den ich hinzugefügt haben müssen übersetzt werden. Ich bin mit Google Translate, wenn Sie also einen offensichtlichen Fehler finden, lass es mich wissen.

29 Apr 2012 - This is why genealogy researchers put their data online. Today I received an email from the GGG granddaughter of Philipp H Mueller, my GG uncle. My dad's family had lost contact with Philipp's side decades ago. Wonderful news.

18 Apr 2012 - It's funny what turns up when you're entering new data. I was updating the Fulton line with Charlie Wasson when it struck me that the name was familiar. When I searched the name and saw how many Wassons I had, I tried to figure out what was going on. Turns out my late mother-in-law descended from a Wasson. I have no connection between them yet, but it's certainly an interesting coincidence.