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Pennsylvania, USA

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Pennsylvania, USA
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State/Province : Latitude: 41.2033216, Longitude: -77.19452469999999


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Caroline  1814Pennsylvania, USA I757
2 Margaret J.  1837Pennsylvania, USA I486
3 Mary  1801Pennsylvania, USA I542
4 Sarah  1822Pennsylvania, USA I759
5 Susannah (Susan)  1822Pennsylvania, USA I628
6 ???, Emma  Abt 1825Pennsylvania, USA I290
7 ADAMS, Ann  Pennsylvania, USA I563
8 ADAMS, David  Pennsylvania, USA I550
9 ADAMS, Elizabeth  Pennsylvania, USA I560
10 ADAMS, Hugh  1836Pennsylvania, USA I555
11 ADAMS, James  Pennsylvania, USA I551
12 ADAMS, Janet  Pennsylvania, USA I556
13 ADAMS, Jean or Jane  Bef 1831Pennsylvania, USA I548
14 ADAMS, Jemina  1825Pennsylvania, USA I552
15 ADAMS, John  Pennsylvania, USA I549
16 ADAMS, Margaret  Pennsylvania, USA I558
17 ADAMS, Mariah  1829Pennsylvania, USA I553
18 ADAMS, Martha  Pennsylvania, USA I561
19 ADAMS, Mary  Pennsylvania, USA I557
20 ADAMS, Nancy  Pennsylvania, USA I562
21 ADAMS, Rachel  Pennsylvania, USA I559
22 ADAMS, Sarah  Pennsylvania, USA I564
23 AGGUS, Annie D.  1822Pennsylvania, USA I659
24 ANDERSON, Isabelle  Apr 1850Pennsylvania, USA I380
25 CAMPBELL, Joseph  1841Pennsylvania, USA I504
26 CLARK, Eliza Virginia  22 Aug 1828Pennsylvania, USA I634
27 COUGHLIN, John Laurence  21 Nov 1898Pennsylvania, USA I1891
28 CURRY, Dorothy Caroline  Jun 1845Pennsylvania, USA I534
29 DAVIS, Elliott  1814Pennsylvania, USA I678
30 DAVIS, Jane  1812Pennsylvania, USA I693
31 DAVIS, Lemuel  1780Pennsylvania, USA I623
32 DAVIS, Lemuel  1814Pennsylvania, USA I673
33 DAVIS, Samuel D.  1810Pennsylvania, USA I625
34 DUFFY, Ann  1803Pennsylvania, USA I543
35 ELLIOTT, Margaret  18 May 1784Pennsylvania, USA I624
36 ELLIOTT, Prudence  1816Pennsylvania, USA I674
37 FITCH, Ernest  Abt 1898Pennsylvania, USA I815
38 FITCH, Fitz A  Abt 1858Pennsylvania, USA I821
39 FITCH, Maggie  Sep 1887Pennsylvania, USA I1236
40 FITCH, Ophelia  Abt 1853Pennsylvania, USA I820
41 FITCH, Otis B  Abt 1899Pennsylvania, USA I816
42 FRAILEY, Peter  1863Pennsylvania, USA I735
43 GRAHAM, Ann  1 Nov 1821Pennsylvania, USA I627
44 HAWK, Harry  1868Pennsylvania, USA I470
45 HINDMAN, Mary Etta  1867Pennsylvania, USA I533
46 JORDAN, Wilson Cornelius  1852Pennsylvania, USA I528
47 KARNS, Henrietta  1828Pennsylvania, USA I686
48 KESTER, Lavinia  1813Pennsylvania, USA I629
49 MARTIN, Elizabeth  13 Mar 1812Pennsylvania, USA I505
50 MCCALL, Emile  Abt 1846Pennsylvania, USA I293
51 MCCALL, James  Abt 1853Pennsylvania, USA I296
52 MCCALL, Nelson  Abt 1848Pennsylvania, USA I294
53 MCCALL, Perry  Abt 1850Pennsylvania, USA I295
54 MCCALL, Rachel A  Abt 1857Pennsylvania, USA I301
55 MCCALL, Robert  Abt 1843Pennsylvania, USA I291
56 MCCALL, Samuel  1770Pennsylvania, USA I311
57 MCCALL, Samuel  Abt 1857Pennsylvania, USA I297
58 MCCALL, William  Abt 1845Pennsylvania, USA I292
59 MCCALL, William Wasson  Abt 1817Pennsylvania, USA I289
60 MCCANDLESS, Angeline  Abt 1836Pennsylvania, USA I302
61 MCCANDLESS, Martha  1826Pennsylvania, USA I355
62 MCCLELLAND, Rachel  1790Pennsylvania, USA I619
63 MORROW, Hamilton  1801Pennsylvania, USA I694
64 MORROW, Josephine  1829Pennsylvania, USA I690
65 PAINTER, Dwight R.  Jan 1897Pennsylvania, USA I397
66 PATTERSON, Hezekiah  1843Pennsylvania, USA I523
67 PORTER, Albert O.  1886Pennsylvania, USA I651
68 PORTER, Alfred D.  1899Pennsylvania, USA I648
69 PORTER, Curtis B.  9 Sep 1879Pennsylvania, USA I646
70 PORTER, Ernest M.  26 Mar 1888Pennsylvania, USA I653
71 PORTER, Harry V.  Aug 1881Pennsylvania, USA I647
72 PORTER, William B.  Mar 1890Pennsylvania, USA I650
73 POWELL, Ella May  4 Apr 1889Pennsylvania, USA I477
74 SANDLES, William H.  1846Pennsylvania, USA I414
75 SINGLEBACK, George Walter Jr.  18 Jan 1926Pennsylvania, USA I809
76 SINGLEBACK, William Eugene  25 Jul 1929Pennsylvania, USA I810
77 SNYDER, Effa J.  1829Pennsylvania, USA I632
78 STEFFLER, Sarah H. (Sadie)  1880Pennsylvania, USA I468
79 STOUGHTON, Catherine Amanda  1839Pennsylvania, USA I631
80 SUTTON, Clara  1876Pennsylvania, USA I385
81 THOMPSON, Anabel  1815Pennsylvania, USA I546
82 THOMPSON, Bessie J.  1887Pennsylvania, USA I389
83 THOMPSON, Jane  1811Pennsylvania, USA I544
84 THOMPSON, John R.  1813Pennsylvania, USA I545
85 THOMPSON, William  1818Pennsylvania, USA I547
86 THORN, Jane  1805Pennsylvania, USA I730
87 WASSON, Alexander  1844Pennsylvania, USA I767
88 WASSON, Anable  10 Jul 1787Pennsylvania, USA I337
89 WASSON, Andrew  1843Pennsylvania, USA I766
90 WASSON, Charles  1829Pennsylvania, USA I725
91 WASSON, David  1838Pennsylvania, USA I765
92 WASSON, Edwin D  Abt 1864Pennsylvania, USA I1546
93 WASSON, Eliza A.  1833Pennsylvania, USA I762
94 WASSON, Eva B  Abt 1869Pennsylvania, USA I1548
95 WASSON, Hugh  1829Pennsylvania, USA I763
96 WASSON, John M  Abt 1859Pennsylvania, USA I1545
97 WASSON, John N.  1837Pennsylvania, USA I728
98 WASSON, Lucy E  Abt 1867Pennsylvania, USA I1547
99 WASSON, Margaret  1822Pennsylvania, USA I761
100 WASSON, Mary  30 Nov 1840Pennsylvania, USA I566

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 STEFFLER, Sarah H. (Sadie)  1968Pennsylvania, USA I468