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# Person ID Last Name First Name Full Name Last Name, Given Name(s) Military: Place Military: Date Military
1 I1614  BENZ  Karl  Karl BENZ  BENZ, Karl      World War II; Wehrmacht 
2 I1615  BENZ  Wendelin  Wendelin BENZ  BENZ, Wendelin      World War II; Wehrmacht; missing in Russia, probably dead. 
3 I1612  BENZ  Franz  Franz BENZ  BENZ, Franz      World War II; Wehrmacht; died 1941 in Russia 
4 I1602  BENZ  Johann  Johann BENZ  BENZ, Johann      World War II; Wehrmacht; died 1945 as French prisoner of war 
5 I1606  BENZ  Josef  Josef BENZ  BENZ, Josef      World War II; Wehrmacht; died 1944 in France 
6 I171  CAHAL  Robert Ross   Robert Ross CAHAL, Jr.Robert Ross CAHAL, Jr.  CAHAL, Robert Ross Jr.  South Korea   1950  Korean War; US Air Force 
7 I171  CAHAL  Robert Ross   Robert Ross CAHAL, Jr.Robert Ross CAHAL, Jr.  CAHAL, Robert Ross Jr.  Europe   1943  World War II; US Army Air Corps; B-24 Navigator, 15th Air Force 
8 I146  DIEFENBACH  Carl L   Carl L DIEFENBACH  DIEFENBACH, Carl L      US Navy 
9 I149  DIEFENBACH  Joseph W   Joseph W DIEFENBACH  DIEFENBACH, Joseph W  South Vietnam     US Marine Corps 
10 I145  DIEFENBACH  Carl Louis Berle   Carl Louis Berle DIEFENBACH  DIEFENBACH, Carl Louis Berle  Fort Hayes, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA   11 Aug 1944   
11 I353  MCCALL  Robert McDowell   Robert McDowell MCCALL  MCCALL, Robert McDowell  Butler, Butler County Pennsylvania, USA   9 Aug 1861  US Civil War; Union Army; Robert "Bob" McDowell McCall was a Pennsylvania Volunteer in the Civil War. He enrolled as a private in Co. G., 137th Reg. Infantry at Butler, Pennsylvania, on August 9, 1861 at age nineteen. He gave his residence as Butler County and his occupation as a farmer. Robert was mustered into service at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on August 25, 1862, and was mustered out of service on June 1, 1863. He was again enrolled as a Pennsylvania Volunteer in the war, this time as a private in Co. A, 212th Reg., 6th Artillery at Allegheny on August 31, 1864. He was promoted to Corporal on September 4, 1864. Robert was mustered out of service with the Battery on June 13, 1865. His brother, William McCall, was also enrolled at Allegheny on August 31, 1864 
12 I3  MUELLER  Harold   Dr. Harold MUELLERDr. Harold MUELLER  MUELLER, Dr. Harold  Hondo Army Airfield, Hondo, Medina County, USA Texas   Nov 1942  World War II; US Army Air Corps; Band Leader 
13 I36  MUELLER  Robert   Robert MUELLER, Jr  MUELLER, Robert Jr  Germany   During World War II  US Army JAG officer 
14 I860  QUEEN  Harvey Harrison   Harvey Harrison QUEEN  QUEEN, Harvey Harrison  France   Sep 1917  World War I; US Army. He was a farrier or blacksmith with Battery E, 314 Field Artillery, 80th Division.  
15 I273  SINGLEBACK  George Walter   George Walter SINGLEBACK, Sr  SINGLEBACK, George Walter Sr  Colonia, Middlesex County, New Jersey, USA   7 Apr 1918  George served from 7 Apr 1918 to 31 May 1919 in the Army Quartermaster Corps. He spent most of his service at US General Hospital #3, Colonia, New Jersey.  
16 I809  SINGLEBACK  George Walter   George Walter SINGLEBACK, Jr.  SINGLEBACK, George Walter Jr.    25 Jul 1944  World War 2 
17 I1208  THOMAS  William  William THOMAS  THOMAS, William    15 May 1862  Enlisted May 15 - Aug. 31, 1862; enrolled June 15, 1862, Camp Russell; 8th Texas Infantry (Hobby's Regiment), Confederate States Army

Dec. 1862, listed as Company Clerk; Nov. 26, 1863, put on detached service, with Ordnance Dept., San Antonio, Tex. It appears that he stayed there for the rest of his service.

Paroled as Prisoner of War, Aug. 7, 1865, as a private, E Co., 8th Infantry.

Muster Roll May 14 - Aug. 31, 1863: "Since July 17 [1863] detached as tinner at Corpus Christi"

Muster Roll Jan & Feb. 1864: "Absent" "Detached service, Ordnance Department, at San Antonio, Nov. 26, 1863."

His name appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War, roll not dated, parole not stated. 
18 I1420  WALLACE  Richard James  Richard James WALLACE  WALLACE, Richard James  Ft Thomas, Newport, Campbell County, Kentucky, USA   8 Apr 1944   
19 I1530  WASSON  Frederick/Federic Eugene  Frederick/Federic Eugene WASSON  WASSON, Frederick/Federic Eugene      US Navy 
20 I883  WHITE  ??ames   ??ames WHITE  WHITE, ??ames    Between 1861 and 1865  Union Army