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Tschudi Letter

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  • Short Title Tschudi Letter 
    Author Unknown 
    Repository Bob Mueller 
    Source ID S312 
    Text Page 1
    Concerning our Mothers family, this is all I know..
    Our Grandmother was named Verona Tschudi, was born in the town of Glarus, Switzerland. Married to Samuel Wild. She had several brothers to whom she wrote constantly. There was a Crusader Knight in the ancestry. and it was a Tschudi who gave the story of William Tell to “Schiller” who made the play of it. Our Grandparents came to America in about 1833. Our Mother was less than a year old. They lived at Eastern Pennsilvaina [sic] for a time as our Grandfather is buried there. there was a colony of Swiss who came at the same time. Our Grandmother went to Philadelphia and from there came to Texas in 1839.
    Page 2
    Aunt Catherine Baldinger had picture of the home in Glarus – a nice big house. Grandmother could not get used to the way people lived in Galveston – she kept to herself and did a lot of letter writing to her people in Switzerland. Aunt Sophie was married to Peter Durst [?] in Philly so when he wanted to come to Texas he persuaded our Grandmother to come with her 3 children – Samuel the son died of Typhoid and is buried next [to] Grandmother in Galveston – he died first – John Durst [?] came too – Grandmothers brothers had a factory for making fine muslins – I wish we had more knowledge of her – but all that Aunt Catherine Baldinger had went to Mary and then to Calla[? – unclear] - who died and left it in the hands of her husbands stepmother – so its “Gone with the Wind.”
    [signature unclear]

  •  Notes 
    • It's not clear who this note is to or from. "Aunt Catherine Baldinger" could be one of several women with that name. "Aunt Sophie" is a Bock, based on the Durst references.

      Letter image received from Gene Warley in Houston via email, 2012 04 08. Transcribed by Bob Mueller 2012 04 09.