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Vorfahren & Nachkommen von John Carl Müller und Carl Louis Diefenbach
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Matches 1 to 79 of 79 for Tree equals Robert Mueller Family AND Branch equals Ancestors of Linda L Garrison

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location 
1 F183
2 F148
3 F152
 MCCALL, Martha Jane 27 Dec 1871 Bear Creek, Summit County, Ohio, USA  
4 F41
BRADFIELD, Unknown CRABTREE, Mary Louilla   
5 F292
BULFORD, William HUNSINGER, Minnie Jane 18 Jan 1895  
6 F35
CARTER, Unknown STRICKLAND, Ethel   
7 F172
COMER, MCCALL, Lavina Cyrilla   
8 F32
CRABTREE, Arthur Elseworth or Ellsworth    
9 F24
CRABTREE, Joseph Seth MCCALL, Martha Jane 28 Dec 1871 Bear Creek, Summit County, Ohio, USA  
10 F34
DOBBINS, Unknown CRABTREE, Della Alwilda   
11 F293
FRAILEY, Peter HUNSINGER, Emily Leona   
12 F44
GANZ, Unknown KUNDTS, Kathryn   
13 F22
GARRISON, Arthur Foster HAWTHORNE, Ella May 15 Jun 1929 Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA  
14 F86
GARRISON, Charles Emory WEETHEE, Minnie Almary 30 Jan 1897 Franklin County, Ohio, USA  
15 F376
GARRISON, Charles Wesley [GARRISON], Anna   
16 F386
GARRISON, Noah LANG, Hannah   
17 F29
GLAZE, Unknown CRABTREE, Nora Adaline   
18 F43
HANBY, Unknown KUNDTS, Mary   
19 F23
HAWTHORNE, Bert CRABTREE, Daisy Alice 23 Aug 1909 Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA  
20 F26
HAWTHORNE, Carl O.    
21 F146
HULL, Scott MCCALL, Martha Emmaline   
22 F126
HUNSINGER, William Henry MCCALL, Jemima 25 Feb 1901 Cambria County, Pennsylvania, USA  
23 F6
JONES, Robert Leslie GARRISON, Linda Lou 2 May 1993 Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA  
24 F170
KIRKENDALL, Amos MCCALL, Mary Lincoln 11 Mar 1883  
25 F28
KUNDTS, Unknown CRABTREE, Emma Vera   
26 F176
LEO, Joseph MCCALL, Margaret Euphemia   
27 F27
LORING, Harold HAWTHORNE, Lula 25 Sep 1940 Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA  
28 F154
MAHON, Samuel F. MCCALL, Sarah Alwilda   
29 F158
MARTIN, James MCCALL, Laura   
30 F151
MCCALL, Aaron Matilda   
31 F127
MCCALL, Allen MCCALL, Jemima 9 May 1917  
32 F125
MCCALL, Andrew Black MCJUNKIN, Maryann 26 Nov 1858 Scioto County, Ohio, USA  
33 F150
MCCALL, Carr Caldwell E. HUME, Margaret Ann 8 Dec 1869 Missouri, USA  
34 F175
MCCALL, Charles Wesley CARTER, Tacy Jane 1910  
35 F178
MCCALL, Clarence Andrew CAMPBELL, Effie   
36 F179
MCCALL, Clarence Andrew HAPPENEY, Maggie   
37 F180
MCCALL, Clarence Andrew Grace   
38 F137
MCCALL, David Perry WESTERMAN, Hannah B.   
39 F135
MCCALL, Isaiah ANDERSON, Isabelle 1870  
40 F131
MCCALL, James Harvey MCCALL, Euphemia Louise   
41 F102
MCCALL, John PRIOR, Margaret Jane Between 1848 and 1860  
42 F122
MCCALL, John PRIOR, Margaret Jane 13 Jul 1854  
43 F103
MCCALL, John MCCANDLESS, Angeline Abt 1861  
44 F123
MCCALL, John MCCANDLESS, Angeline 24 Apr 1861  
45 F136
MCCALL, Nelson HAY, Katherine E.   
46 F119
MCCALL, Robert McDowell DAVIS, Elizabeth (Lib) 13 Sep 1866 Clinton United Presbyterian Church, Clinton TWP, Butler County, Pennsylvania, USA  
47 F120
MCCALL, Samuel Robison MCCANDLESS, Martha Jul 1844 Butler County, Pennsylvania, USA  
48 F147
MCCALL, Samuel Walker BURTON, Grace   
49 F269
50 F111
MCCALL, William John BRANNAN, Jane G.   
51 F104
MCCALL, William John WASSON, Nancy Jane 30 Apr 1818 Butler County, Pennsylvania, USA  
52 F105
MCCALL, William John BRANNON, Jane Aft 1850  
53 F134
MCCALL, William John LAPSLEY, Mary Cordelia 8 Feb 1872 Columbiana County, Ohio, USA  
54 F174
MCCALL, William Nelson WILLIAMS, Martha Catherine 1904  
55 F155
MCCALL, William Perry DODDS, Effie 23 Jul 1891  
56 F117
MCCALL, William Wasson MCCANDLESS, Emma (Amy) 22 Sep 1842 Butler County, Pennsylvania, USA  
57 F259
MCCALL, Wilson Curtis Margaret A.   
58 F121
MCCANDLESS, William MCCALL, Anabelle McDowell   
59 F157
MECHLIN, Frank MCCALL, Lilly   
60 F177
MERCER, Albert MCCALL, Fannie Esta   
61 F173
MOATS, John MCCALL, Lavina Cyrilla 26 Feb 1896  
62 F149
MONKS, William John MCCALL, Amy Sarepta   
63 F77
NELSON, Unknown HAWTHORNE, Lula Bef 1991  
64 F30
PUMMELL, Unknown GLAZE, Lucile   
65 F42
PYATT, Unknown LORING, Carolyn Lou   
66 F297
ROBERTSON, David HUNSINGER, Minnie Jane 2 Mar 1934 Moosic, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, USA  
67 F156
SANDLES, William H. MCCALL, Mellissa Clementine   
68 F171
SCHELLENGER, John MCCALL, Alice Elizabeth   
69 F159
SNEAD, Robert C. MCCALL, Cora   
70 F128
STEVENSON, Nathaniel Calvin MCCALL, Jemima 31 Jul 1922  
71 F36
72 F37
73 F33
STRICKLAND, Unknown CRABTREE, Della Alwilda   
74 F40
STRICKLAND, Unknown CRABTREE, Mary Louilla   
75 F258
TUTTLE, Robert MCCALL, Elizabeth J.   
76 F375
77 F372
WALLACE, David King WEETHEE, Minnie Almary 17 Dec 1906 Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA  
78 F373
WEETHEE, Eusebius Russell VAN SICKLE, Hannah Bef Aug 1879  
79 F153
WICK, Curtis MCCALL, Rachel Anne