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SCHIRMER Louisa Friederike Wilhelmine BOCK Carl Edward MUELLER Eva Philippina BOCK Guido Christopher MUELLER Robert MAYER Leona MUELLER Carl Henry MUELLER Ottilie Louise MUELLER Rudolph George VON BOECKMANN Laura Emma

1912 Front Porch Photo

Members of the Mayer and Mueller Families, around 1912 or 1913, on the front porch of the Mueller Family residence, 508 East 16th St., Austin, Texas

From Harold Mueller's notes:
Seated, left to right: Louise Schirmer Mueller (Mrs. J.C. Mueller) (1847 - 1914); in lap, Carl Edward Bock (grandson) (b.1909); Carl Mayer (1847-1916); Louise Kreisle Mayer (Mrs. Carl Mayer)(1854-1918). Standing, r.: Phillipine (Pina) Mueller Bock (Mrs. Guido Bock)(1875-1939), Guido C. Bock (1876-1947), Robert Mueller (1881-1927), Leona Mayer Mueller (Mrs. Robert Mueller)(1883-1971), Carl H. Mueller (1883-1957), Carl M. Mayer (1892-1968), Sophie Kreisle Sutor (1863-1926), Emilie L. Mayer (1885-1975), Otillie Mueller Borner (Mrs. G.F. Borner)(1878-1965), Rudolph G. Mueller (1879-1957), Laura Von Boeckman Mueller (Mrs R.G. Mueller)(1884-1970).

There is a second photo of the same event. In that photo (1912 Front Porch Photo 2), Carl Mayer is not present, but there is another male on the right side of the photo, standing next to Laura Von Boeckman Mueller.

Owner/SourceBob Mueller
PlaceAustin, Texas
File name1912 Front Porch Photo 1 post.png
File Size345.59k
Dimensions760 x 470
Linked toCarl Edward BOCK; Guido Christopher BOCK; Leona Sophie Albertine MAYER; Carl Henry MUELLER; Eva Philippina MUELLER; Ottilie Louise MUELLER; Robert MUELLER; Rudolph George MUELLER; Louisa Friederike Wilhelmine SCHIRMER; Laura Emma VON BOECKMANN

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