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Vorfahren & Nachkommen von John Carl Müller und Carl Louis Diefenbach
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>Dr. Harold MUELLER

Dr. Harold MUELLER

Male 1920 - 1994  ( 74)


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MUELLER Dr. Harold MUELLER Louis BOCK Carl Edward MUELLER Robert, Jr MUELLER Rudolph George, Jr. MUELLER Frances Louise

The Jolly Muellers

The family band. From my father's notes:
Early 1930s - all 1st cousins - all
Muellers except C.E. Bock (leader)
Drum crest or logo is on front of caps
L to Right Harold drums, Louis (trombone)
Carel E. Bock, violin, accordion, C.B. alto sax,
Homer (non playing) Bobby, cornet,
R.G., clarinet (?iggs), Frances L. Piano

7/26/1994 HM

See also Part 8 of "The J. C. Mueller Family."

Owner/SourceBob Mueller
Datecirca 1930
PlaceAustin, Texas
File nameJolly Muellers post.png
File Size217.25k
Dimensions640 x 478
Linked toCarl Edward BOCK; Frances Louise MUELLER; Dr. Harold MUELLER; Louis MUELLER; Robert MUELLER, Jr; Living

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