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Vorfahren & Nachkommen von John Carl Müller und Carl Louis Diefenbach
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Most Wanted

 Elusive People

Charles Queen's Wife

All I have for her at the moment is the 1920 US Census record showing her married to Charles Queen, living in Meigs County, Ohio.
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Who Was Maggie Fitch?

Maggie is listed in the 1900 US Census in Elk County, PA as the 12-year-old adopted daughter of Caroline Fitch. That's the only information I have for her.
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Oscar Price and Minnie Weethee

I received this photo from Mark Hughes. We know the woman at the center of the couch is Minnie Weethee Garrison Wallace. The man to the right is Oscar Price. Nothing is known about their relationship. We've not been able to identify anyone else in the photo.
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 Mystery Photos