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1 According to the chart, they "were united in matrimony at Bear Creek, Ohio on the 28th day of December 1871, the ceremony being performed by John Hilt in the presence of A. B. McCall & others." 
Family: F24
2 At least one perosn on Ancestry shows the marriage date as 4 July 1908. The Angelfire site also gives 4 July 1908. Family: F330
3 Butler Sentinel, Sat. May 15, 1824 - Married - On Tuesday, The 11th, by the Rev. J. Coulter, Mr. Thomas Wason, of Centre Township, to Miss Anne Duffy, daughter of Mr. Charles Duffy, of Clearfield Township. Family: F225
4 Diefenbach, Lewis B-05/25/1857 D-12/13/1927 Father - Diefenbach, Philip
Diefenbach, Magdalena B-10/29/1877 D-10/17/1948 Father - Schmidt, John M Obit available
Diefenbach, Margaret Louisa B-02/20/1860 D-09/09/1941 Father - Herman, Carl 
Family: F78
5 Found a record of Thomas Crabtree died in January 1850, at the age of 62, from consumption (likely TB). He was listed as a farmer, born in Maryland. Record is transcription of National Archives Microcopy T1159 Roll 14, Call number 929.3771Fe, Mortality Schedules - Ohio 1850, Schedule 3. Was he possibly Joseph's father?

The following names are listed in the Index to the 1820 Census:
Family: F24
6 He worked as a driver. She worked as a stenographer. First marriage for both. Family: F514
7 I am not certain that this census record is for the same Louis DIEFENBACH. The immigration years are different (1910 shows 1890; 1920 shows 1893), and the ages are off (1910 shows him to be born about 1850, and age 60; 1920 shows brith about 1857 and age 63). The Census Wards are different, too, but the 1910 shows him living with Carl Joseph DIEFENBACH, and the 1920 Census shows Louis and Margaretha living in their own home by themselves. I need to see the actual census images. Family: F324
8 Joseph S. Crabtree and Martha Jane McCall were united in matrimony at Bear Creek, Ohio on the 28th Day of December 1871, the ceremony being performed by John Hilt in the presence of A. B. McCall & others. Family: F152
9 Marriage date from 1910 census ("Married 13 years"). Family: F97
10 Marriage date range is based on 1940 US Census entries for both Rose and Elmer. They were living in the same place in 1935 as they were in 1940. A later marriage record for Elmer says that he was previously married once. Unable to find a marriage or divorce record for them yet other than the 1940 census record and her following marriage to Oscar Turner. Family: F517
11 Minnie reports her birth year as 1881, not the 1882 that appears on her burial record. 1881 would make her 16 at Louis' birth, and possibly for her marriage as well. Family: F86
12 Original estimate of marriage date (before 1882) was based on birth of Minnie Almary Weethee. The 1880 Census shows Eusebius and Hannah married with a 10 month-old child. Family: F373
13 Otis B Fitch appears in the 1850 Census in Franklinville, NY, about 70 N of Johnsonburg PA. He appears at line 27, as the 113th dwelling visited.
On line 20, at the 112th dwelling visited, the following people appear:
Ephraim Fitch, age 58? Born M??? (Massachusetts?) b~1792
Othalia? Fitch, age 51? (Possibly Athalia?) Born in New York (“N.Y.”) b~1799
John O Fitch, age 21 b~1829
Lydia Fitch, age 15 b~1835
Charles D?, age 12 b~1838
E??cta?, age 8 female b~1842
David? Mayer, age 85; listed as pauper, no occupation listed b~1765. 
Family: F98
14 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F49
15 Per Rev. Linda Steelman, pastor of First Congregational Church in Marietta in 2012:
I have reviewed records from 1905 - 1925 searching for Clarence Fulton and Claire Williams and do not find their names recorded in the membership roster. Records of weddings in 1919 do not include any weddings of non-members of the church.

The Reverend C.C. Creegan, D.D. was minister of this congregation Dec. 12, 1915-Sept. 1, 1919.

April 16, 1919 was a Wednesday. Perhaps the couple you are searching for obtained their license at the courthouse and came over to the church. We are a block away. At that time weddings were often held on weekday mornings. The custom of Saturday (the favorite day now) - did not begin until the late 20's or early 30's.
Family: F92
16 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F2
17 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F25
18 See for marriage record. Family: F461
19 The 1910 Census shows the following people living with Carl:
Wife "Lena" age 32
Daughter Margaret, age 2
Daughter Magdalena, age 5 months
Louis, age 60 (Father of Carl)
Margaret, age 59 (Mother of Carl)
It also lists Carl's immigration year as 1896, and gives an estimated birth year of 1884. 
Family: F78
20 The 1920 Census shows the following people living with Carl:
Wife "Magdelean," age 41
Daughter Marguerite, age 11
Daughter Magdelena, age 10
Son Carl B, age 1 1/2 
Family: F78
21 The 1930 Census shows the following people living with Carl:
Wife Magdelena, age 52
Daughter "Magerat L," age 21
Son Carl, age 11
Son William, age 10
Mother Margaret, age 70 
Family: F78
22 The article mentions they were married by her uncle, Elias Bennett. Family: F332
23 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F3
24 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F2
25 The marriage license notes that Minnie was widowed; she used the name Minnie Almary Garrison. Family: F372
26 There is a Maggie Fitch, age 12, listed as living with Abbie and Ernest Fitch in the 1900 Census for Elk County. 1900 Census shows them both age 23, and married with 2-3 children. I seriously doubt this is Ernest and Abbie's daughter, as they would have been 11 when Maggie was conceived. There is no information about who Maggie's parents are, though. Was Maggie 12? If so that should make her Ernest's sister, as he almost certainly did not father a child at age 11! She does not appear in the 1910 Census. Family: F97
27 There is a Maggie FITCH, age 12, listed as living with Abbie and Ernest FITCH in the 1900 Census for Elk County. I seriously doubt this is Ernest and Abbie's daughter, as they would have been 11 when Maggie was conceived. There is no information about who Maggie's parents are, though. Could she be a niece, or perhaps Ernest's baby sister? Age 12 in 1900 would have had her born in 1888, but Otis would have been about 50 then.

20 Apr 2012
When I got a better copy of the 1900 Elk County Census, I could see that Maggie is listed as the adopted daughter of Caroline, born Sep 1887, age 12 at last birthday.

Caroline is listed as (M)arried, not widowed or divorced, but she's also listed as Head of Household. 
Family: F98
28 There is no information known on J. C. Mueller and Louise Schirmer and their life or years in the State of New York. We have only the family tradition of their marriage in New York, but nothing can be verified nor documented concerning how long, when, or why they were in New York. Other than the fact that Louise Schirmer's sister was living in New York, presumably about the time that Louise came to the U. S., there is no evidence nor documentation of their having been in New York.

According to family tradition, as indicated in the Mueller Chronology by Carl Edward Bock, both came in 1867, when J. C. Mueller was 20 and Louise Schirmer was 18. This appears logical enough, and it would be easy to accept this as a fact, except there is no documentation to back up the date. This also leaves the years between 1867 and 1872 unaccounted for. It is difficult to believe that there would be no record nor evidence of where they were for the five years in advance of their marriage in 1872. Furthermore, if they were in the U.S. in 1870, neither name has been located in the 1870 census.
Family: F9
29 There were 11 people from the FITCH and NICHOLS families living together. Otis and Caroline Fitch and their three children (Maria, 9; Ophelia, 7; and Fitz A, 2), along with George W and Mary Z Nichols and their four sons (William H, 8; Judson C, 6; Frank E, 3; and James H, 1).
Otis FITCH listed his occupation as farmer ($800 real estate; $300 personal estate); George W NICHOLS listed his occupation as "Cabinet-maker" ($30 personal estate). 
Family: F98
30 They resided on Montmorenci Road (now Rt 948). They had been married for 13 years in 1910. Ernest Fitch's parents born in NY; Abbie Allison's parents born in Sweden. Ernest worked as a railroad car inspector. They owned the house, althought the record seems to indicate a farm schedule (11?).
The last 4 columns on the census form are a bit confusing. They read: 11-| 3 |-x-|5 Does that 3 indicate some service in the Civil War? The "-x-" appears in the column headed "Whether blind (both eyes)" 
Family: F97
31 They went "to Panama City for wedding trip," according to his notes in "Harold Mueller Family Chronology." Family: F1
32 They were possibly living in/on the "Proehl Allotment," and renting the home for $30/month.
James was born in Ohio, as was his mother; his father was born in Germany. Blanche and her parents were all born in West Virginia. Blanche was 14 when she married James in about 1921.
James worked as a machinist for a rubber factory, and was employed at the time of the census. James was also a World War 1 Veteran.
The Proehl Allotment
"His (Proehl's) territory was Lockwood Corners and State Mill Rd both of which run off of Manchester Rd. (St. Rt. 93). About 3-4 block area north of this intersection just past the lake you will see Proehl Ave. where it links from Rt. 93 (Manchester Rd.) to Robinson Ave." From a post on the Summit County, Ohio board regarding the Proehl Allotment,+barberton,+oh&sll=41.000241,-81.593056&sspn=0.017393,0.031157&ie=UTF8&ll=41.009536,-81.559367&spn=0.01739,0.036306&z=15&om=1 
Family: F91
33 This is a little off from their responses in the 1910 Census, which indicate they were married around 1900. Edgar David Wasson was born around 1901 Family: F518
34 Calculated birth year from reported age in 1860 census. Emma ???
35 Jean or Jane Adams is mentioned in the will of Jane Wasson, her grandmother. Jean or Jane ADAMS
36 1910 Census shows Abbie's parents from Sweden; Abbie was born in Pennsylvania. Abbie ALLISION
37 There's a 1940 US Census record for Blanche Miller, married to Harry Miller, living in Detroit's 10th Ward. There are 3 Lubaski children living with them: James (13), Paul (11), and Evelyn (9). No mention of Garnet or Violet May, who'd have been 16 at that point. The Census says they were living in the same place in 1935, so whatever happened to James happened between 1930 and 1935. But where were Garnet and Violet? Blanche ARNOLD
38 Frank Arnold, SS#273-18-9264, Issued: Ohio, b. Jan. 5, 1894, d. Aug. 1968, Res: Otway, Scioto, Ohio 45657. Frank Howard ARNOLD
39 Franziska is a cousin to Emma Bader, wife of Wendelin Benz. Franziska BADER
40 He learned the baker's trade, and came to Texas in the spring of 1837, returned to Baltimore, returned to Texas in the fall. Andrew BALDINGER
41 See if has any useful information. Andrew BALDINGER
42 Neil Koos notes say 15 May. Andrew J BALDINGER
43 Neil Koos notes say 1855. Andrew J BALDINGER
44 Search for information about Mom between her college graduation and their marriage in 1959. Beatrice Joy BALDINGER
45 There are two records for Edward Emile at Family Tree. The second one is 9V7H-PYK, and I believe it is less accurate/current than KH4F-PMS. Edward Emile BALDINGER
46 8 Feb 2014: Located apparent marriage date for George and Elizabeth (27 Dec 1952) and birth date for Elizabeth (27 Aug 1930). She apparently remarried after his death, to Alvin F. Diliberto on 20 Sep 1958. I've contacted the source and am awaiting confirmation. This source spells her middle name "Anne." George Pratt BALDINGER
47 His death certificate reports the place of death as "Out of State Hospital;" it was likely a Parkersburg, WV hospital. Nile O BARNETT
48 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
49 Forest Bell, b. Apr. 23, 1899, d. Sept. 1974, SS#191-03-9255, Issued: PA, Butler, Butler Co., PA 16001. Forest BELL
50 Henry Benson, SS#178-09-8041, Issued: PA, b. Nov. 30, 1892, d. Dec. 1971, Res: Warren, Warren Co., PA 16365. Henry BENSON
51 Benz letter: "died at 18 of tuberculosis" Agatha BENZ
52 Benz letter: "married in Unadingen and has 3 children (2 boys, 1 girl)" Agatha BENZ
53 Benz letter: "married, 8 children(7 boys, 2 girls)" sic Anna BENZ
54 Benz letter: "died at birth" Anton BENZ
55 Benz letter: "I was born on June 10, 1911. After the Abitur [secondary school], I studied veterinary medicine in Munich and became a veterinarian. After the war I began my practice in Löffingen. In 1943 I was married. My wife, Maria, was a teacher of German, History, and Earth science at the Gymnasium in Augsburg. We have four children. The oldest daughter died after almost 3 years of a vicious diphteria. Our son, Michael, is also a veterinarian, and will take over my practice. Our daughter, Margareta studied art history, and graduated [?] with a study of Paul Klee. She is married in Munich. There also is the youngest, Johannes. He is an engineer for Landespflege [landscape architect]." Anton BENZ
56 Benz letter: "lives in parents' house, married, 3 children (1 boy, 2 girls)" Franz BENZ
57 "[He] took over his father's house and farm in Dittishausen. He had a very hard life. In World War I he lost a leg above the knee from a Sarkom {infection? - HM Probably more likely a bone cancer - RM}.  Franz Anton BENZ
58 Benz letter: "married, lives in Oberbraend" Hildegard BENZ
59 Benz letter: "died 1945 as French prisoner of war" Johann BENZ
60 Benz letter: "married in Dittishausen and has 2 girls" Rosa BENZ
61 Name also appears as "Theresia." Theresa BLEIKE
62 See her artwork at Carolyn Christine BOCK
63 Death certificate informant was daughter Mrs John W. Wofford. Edward W BOCK, Jr?
64 His tombstone gives a DOB of 12 Jul 1876. The death certificate records the DOB as 10 Jul 1878. Guido Christopher BOCK
65 Jane (Brannan) Currie, widow of Francis Currie married William John McCall after the death of his wife Jane Wasson. Jane G. BRANNAN
66 From: Bulford Family History & Genealogy, Luzerne Co., Pa.
William Bulford, born March 12, 1874 at Penfield, PA. He married January 18, 1895, Minnie Hunsinger, daughter of William and Jemima (McCall) Hunsinger. Billy Bulford had a livery stable in Wilkes-Barre and sold mules used in the mines. He died April 24, 1930, and is buried at Woodlawn. They had no children. 
67 Harold Everett Call died Sept. 1984, Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio, SS#291-07-9l80. Harold Everett CALL
68 There is a family story that Joseph W. Davis met Eliza Virginia Clark when she was a maid working at the Old Stone House, the famous inn on the old Pittsburgh-Mercer Road (now Route 8) near Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. Eliza Virginia CLARK
69 Cause of death: cerebral hemorrhage.
The death certificate lists her as married, but Bert Hawthorne died in 1937.  
Daisy Alice CRABTREE
70 The Ellsworth Crabtree family lived in the Scioto County area, near the McCall family...... later moved back to Columbus, Ohio. Ellsworth Arthur CRABTREE
71 I suspect the middle initial of E stnads for Elseworth - RBM 9/2003 Joseph E. CRABTREE
72 I'm curious as to why Joseph married in Scioto County when he was born in Jackson County, although realistically, he could have married at a family member's home. He was born in Jackson County, and while I don't yet know where, the county line is only 16 miles away.

See rolls 405 (Jackson) and 425 (Scioto) of the 1840 Census (M704) 
Joseph Seth CRABTREE
73 There was a duplicate Joseph Crabtree from a GEDCOM imported in 2004. I've manually merged the two. 12 Jan 2013 Joseph Seth CRABTREE
74 David Davis was born about 1787. The 1820 census lists four boys and three girls under 16. The census records indicate that he was a pioneer settler during the period 1810 until about 1835 in the area which later became the Borough of Prospect. His neighbors included John Dick, Wm. Dodds, and Andrew McGowen. In 1837, David and Mary Davis, already residents in Portage County, Ohio, sold their Butler County property to William Alexander (Butler Co. Register of Deeds Vol. K, p.308). David DAVIS
75 In 1837, David Davis bought 100 acres in joint tenancy with brother Samuel Davis on the south side of Muddy Creek. He served as a Justice of the Peace in the early 1850's. He died young, in the mid-1850's.
Occupation: Farmer, farmed 100 acres west of Samuel's farm.

David Davis had two children (Almira and William W.) by his wife, Susannah, whom he married about 1841. Both children died without issue by 1869. He fathered another child in 1838 (David Porter Davis, 1838-1912) by Ann Graham, daughter of Daniel Graham of Brady Twp. David Porter Davis was raised in his maternal grandfather's home but shared the estate of his father together with his father's siblings. 
76 Elisha W. Davis was a Col. in the Civil War, a state legislator from Pennsylania and Leadville, Colorado.

Elisha W. Davis married Josephine Morrow, a sister of Oliver Perry Morrow, in Rockland, Venengo Co., Pa on January 20, 1848 
Elisha W. DAVIS
77 Elizabeth Davis was born in Middlesex Township, Butler Co., PA on March 24, 1848. She was baptised on June 12, 1848 at Clinton U.P. Church (it was then the Union Associate Reformed Church of Middlesex Township) by Rev. Isaiah Niblock.

Elizabeth was married to Robert "Bob" McDowell McCall who was born on July 3, 1843. Elizabeth died on July 19, 1918. Robert died on March 15, 1899. They are buried in Clinton U.P. Cemetery, Clinton, Butler Co,. PA.

Note from Bill Davis: "July l8, l972 - I talked to a lady at Clinton U.P. Church the other Sunday who mentioned how she used to hear Lib McCall sing alto in church. The lady looked my age or older." 
Elizabeth (Lib) DAVIS
78 Else Davis, born about 1777, daughter of William Davis and Ann, married Samuel McCall, (1770-1843). They moved to the Franklin Township area of Butler County about 1802. They were the parents of 8 children: John (1796-1857), m. Nancy Jane Stewart; William (1797-1877), m. (1) Jane Wasson, and (2) Jane Currie, nee Brannan; Nancy, (1799-1871), m. John Sutton; Rebecca Jane,(1803- ), m. William Stewart; Samuel, (1806-1850), m. Elizabeth Martin; Wilson McCall (1808-1847); Allen, (1810-1870), m. Martha Humes Turk; Louisa, (abt. 1813 - ). Else DAVIS
79 Joseph and Eliza first appear as a separate household in the 1850 census next to his parents. They first acquire their land (125 acres) in 1867 from Wm. Shaffer (Butler Coutny Record of Deeds, Vol. 89, p.221), although they probably had farmed the land on shares since 1850. The farm appears on the 1858 and 1874 Butler County maps. Occupation: Farmer; farm along Muddy Creek in Franklin Twp.

Joseph and Eliza were parents of 7 children: James Madison Davis, (1851-1922), m. Ellen Shanor (1853-1932); Joseph Edmondson Davis, (1853-1921), m. Harriett Moser (1851-1932); Sarah Jane Davis, (1855-1907), m. Alexander W. McGowan; William Bigler Davis (1857-1922), m. (1) Elizabeth Bach, and (2) Margaret Edna Vensel (1860-1929); Josiah Porter Davis (1862-1891); John Henry Davis (1864-1911), m. Mary Minnie Book (1866-1928); Perry Davis (1866-1883). 
Joseph W. DAVIS
80 Lemuel Davis, his wife, Margaret and Elisha, their son, were first on the scene of the Wigton massacre.

The names of Lemuel and Margaret Davis appear frequently in the deed literature of the county in connection with the property dealings of Robert Morris and Stephen Lowery about 1816 (e.g.,Vol. D, p.432, Vol. G, p.64). Lemuel served with his brother, William, in Captain Schaffer's Company, during the War of 1812, in the winter of 1814. In 1843 , Lemuel, Margaret, and their son, Elisha, were important witnesses to the Wigton massacre of 1843 (The Sam Mohawk trial). The only census record occurs in 1820 for Slippery Rock Township. Three children's names appear in various histories: Jane Davis, b. abt. 1812, m. Hamilton Morrow; Lemuel, b. abt. 1814, m. Prudence Elliott; and Elisha, b. abt. 1827, m. Josephine________, and is living in Rockland Twp., Venango County in l850.

Lemuel Davis and Margaret Elliott moved to Venango County, PA. He was active in the oil business and also had a farm in Rockland. Lemuel's will was dated 13 Jan. 1855 and probated 29 Dec 1856; filed in Register's Docket Book 1, p. 362, #37. He names only his youngest daughter Eliza Margaret as legatee to his land, and personal property to be equally divided among his heirs (unnamed). No probate packet was found by the clerk. 
Lemuel DAVIS
81 Nancy married an Irish man, Francis McConnell. They farmed in Slippery Rock Township. Nancy had one natural son, William, and one adopted son, Samuel McConnell, born Armstrong. Nancy died in 1871. Nancy A. DAVIS
82 In 1850 and 1860, Prudence is living with her parents. In the 1860 census, a child, Malissa Davis, b. 1857, is living with Prudence and her parents (the 1900 census records that she had one child, no longer living). In 1870, she used the surname of Thompson in documents. In the 1870's or 1880's, she probably married Tom Wimer, since in 1889 in a deed (Vol. 105, p. 199), Prudence's surname is Wimer. Tom Wimer was a Civil War veteran , buried in the Davis Cemetery with a military marker along with William Davis. Prudence DAVIS
83 Prudence Davis Buchanan was from Chicago when she attended a brother's funeral in 1906 (obituary of brother). Prudence DAVIS
84 Prudence Davis, born 1773, married Knight Scott abt. 1788. They lived in Unity Township, Westmoreland County in 1800. A Prudence Scott was living in Washington Township, Westmoreland County, in 1810, according to census records. She is the widow of Knight Scott, indicating that he died sometime in the first decade of the 19th century.

In 1817 Prudence Davis Scott remarried to David Huston, born 1773 in Ireland, died June 22, 1844, 71 yrs.

Prudence Davis Scott Huston died Aug. 1836, 63 yrs. Prudence Davis Scott and David Huston are buried in Brookline Cemetery, East Allegheny Twp., Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, a little church cemetery. 
Prudence DAVIS
85 Robert was married to Effa J. Snyder, who bore him seven children, but died some time in the 1860's. His second wife was Catherine Amanda Stoughton. The children of Robert and Effa were: Nancy A. Davis, b. 1846; Zephenia Davis, b. 1848; Jacob Davis, b. 1853; William Davis, b. 1855; Mary Davis, b. 1857; Robert Davis, b. 1858; Caroline Davis, b. 1862.
Occupation: Farmer; farm in northeast section of Brady Twp., Butler Co., PA. 
Robert Henry DAVIS
86 Sally Davis McCall died Jan. 1976, Portsmouth, Scioto Co., Ohio, SS# 278-03-7685. Sally DAVIS
87 In1837, Samuel Davis and his brother, David Davis, purchased 200 acres as tenents in common of property on the south side of Muddy Creek (Butler Co. Recorder of Deeds, Vol K, p. 640). Each brother took half of the property---Samuel the east half and David the west half. The foundations of the houses still exist on North County Club Road in the northeast corner of Moraine State Park. Samuel served as a Justice of the Peace in 1872.
Occupation: Farmer; Clay Twp., North County Club Road, just inside Moraine State Park.

Samuel and Lavinia had 11 children. They were: Margaret J. Davis, b. 1832, m. (1) Matthew Stoughton, and (2)
Robert Davis; Clarissa A. Davis, b. 1834, m. _______Preston; William H. Davis, b. 1836; Matthew J. Davis, b. 1839; Sarah E. Davis, b. 1844, m. _______Griffin; Robert Nelson Davis (1846-1880); Frances Adaline Davis, b. 1847, m. Harlan Book; Mary L. Davis, b. 1849, m. ______Porter; Isabel Davis, b. 1850; John Miles Davis, b. 1854; Rachel Elizabeth Davis, b. June 1856, m. Lewis Thompson on 6 June 1877.

Family history contact: Dr. Ronald Davis: tel: (616)387-4649 (Ron is descended from Matthew J.Davis, above) Department of History FAX (616)387-3999
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5020
(Ron is descended through Matthew J. Davis, above.) 
Samuel D. DAVIS
88 William Davis first appears in the historical record on a tax list for Mt. Pleasant Twp. in Westmoreland County , Pennsylvania, in 1786. We conclude that this William Davis is our ancestor because:
1. A Knight Scott is also listed in 1786 on the tax list for the same township.
2. Prudence Scott is a daughter of William Davis as shown in the Butler County will for William Davis, deceased, probated in 1814.
3. A deed in Westmoreland County records that Knight Scott was granted a land patent for land straddling Unity and Derry townships (formerly, Mt. Pleasant Township).
4. Knight Scott and Prudence Scott sell the part of their land patent in Derry township to William Davis in 1797 within a few months after it is awarded.

William and Ann Davis sold their Westmoreland County property in 1802 (Westmoreland County Record of Deeds, Vol. 6, p.257) and, together with the Samuel McCall family, moved to Butler County, probably in the present Franklin Twp. area (the 1883 Butler County History lists William Davis and Samuel McCall as pioneer settlers in Franklin Twp.). In 1805, Ann Davis paid bond to serve as administratrix for the deceased William Davis, as recorded in the Butler County register of Wills (Will D-1). The estate is paid to the widow and the five children (David, Lemuel, William, Else McCall, and Prudence Scott) in 1814.

There is a story about the decease of William that we recently heard, but have no idea about its truth. The story is that the area in those days was full of wild game---deer, bear, wolves, etc. Bill Davis and Sam McCall went hunting together and were gone for many days. Finally, Sam came back and said that a bear ate Bill! Take the story with a grain of salt---we don't know. 
William DAVIS
89 William Davis lived in Derry Twp., in Westmoreland County. He and his family came to Butler County about 1802. He served, together with brother Lemuel, in Captain John Schaffer's company for about six weeks in the War of 1812 in January and February of 1814.

William Davis married Rachel McClellend about1809. So far as we can tell by census and deed records, William and Rachel lived on the south bank of Muddy Creek within the present day eastern section of Moraine State Park all of their adult lives. In 1818 and 1820, William and David sold adjacent 50 acre plots of land, with right to remain on the property for 5 years thereafter. (Vol. D, p.487, 488, Butler Co. Register of Deeds). The property adjoined Samuel McCall on east and Moses McCandless on south. No record so far found shows how William and his brother, David, originally acquired title, but it must have been from settlement land of their father and mother. The census records show him to be a neighbor of George Means from 1820 through 1840. We don't think William ever moved, but probably farmed on shares til 1843. Finally in 1843, George Means sold land to William Shaffer and William Davis (Vol. N, p. 469); immediately after, William Davis bought 10 acres of the property from Wm. Shaffer (Vol. O, p.109.

William Davis died sometime between 1864 and 1870 - about 80 years old. In 1864, the records show that William and son Joseph W. sold mineral rights on their property, giving the last date that William was still alive. Both William and Rachel are listed in the 1860 census, but are gone by 1870. Rachel died between 1860 and 1870. Rachel's grave location is unknown but probably next to her husband; William's resting place is marked by a military marker attesting to his service in the War of 1812, in the Davis cemetery on North County Club Road in Moraine State Park. 
William Wilkins DAVIS
90 Immigration date is unclear. 1910 Census shows 1896; 1920 Census shows 1893. The 1930 Census shows that his mother immigrated in 1889. Carl Joseph DIEFENBACH
91 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
92 USMC Lance Corporal, Vietnam Vet according to gravestone. Joseph W DIEFENBACH
93 Search Immigration Records for "Luise Diefenbach" between 1890-1893. Also shows hit for "Margth Diefenbach" Louis DIEFENBACH
94 Lived in Russell's Point in 1996 per Carl L. B.'s obit; no mention of her husband in obit. Margaret Louise DIEFENBACH
95 Lived in Mt Gilead in 1996 per Carl L. B.'s obituary. William DIEFENBACH
96 Ann Wasson is mentioned in the will of Jane Wasson, her mother-in-law.

Note: Ann appears as a widow, age 47, in 1850 census. After that she is no longer found in Pennsylvania. An Ann Wasson from Illinois left a will. This might be the same Ann. Her late husband was a Thomas Wasson from Butler Co., PA. Her will states children with the same names and ages as Thomas and Ann. Sons Charles and William were living in California at the time of Ann's will. 
97 AF entry shows her name as "Veronica." Verona DURST
98 Also Äppelmann Maria Magdalena EPPELMANN
99 Birthplace: Caub [Kaub?], now Kaub/Rhein Gertraud Magdalena FABER
100 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living

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