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Vorfahren & Nachkommen von John Carl Müller und Carl Louis Diefenbach
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Ohio, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 39.97234926734395, Longitude: -82.94421382248402


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WASSON, Verna Ruth  Abt Feb 1940Ohio, USA I1533
2 LORING, Gail  Abt 1927Ohio, USA I1526
3 LORING, Francis  Abt 1915Ohio, USA I1527
4 HAWTHORNE, Carl O.  Abt 1915Ohio, USA I67
5 HAWTHORNE, Ella May  3 Feb 1912Ohio, USA I52
6 HOLMAN, Gladys H  9 Dec 1909Ohio, USA I829
7 Helen Marie  1902Ohio, USA I785
8 CRABTREE, Emma Vera  3 Aug 1895Ohio, USA I66
9 Orpha L  Abt 1891Ohio, USA I1070
10 CRABTREE, Perry Wilson  31 Mar 1889Ohio, USA I64
11 WILLIAMS, Fred  Abt 1887Ohio, USA I822
12 WILLIAMS, Fred  1887Ohio, USA I1646
13 CRABTREE, Mary Louilla  19 Nov 1885Ohio, USA I63
14 [WILLIAMS], Laura E  Abt 1884Ohio, USA I823
15 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth M  1884Ohio, USA I1645
16 LORING, William  Abt 1884Ohio, USA I1523
17 CRABTREE, Virgil S.  Mar 1881Ohio, USA I788
18 Amanda  1880Ohio, USA I741
19 CRABTREE, Nora Adaline  23 Aug 1878Ohio, USA I60
20 WILLIAMS, Martha Catherine  4 Feb 1878Ohio, USA I449
21 MCCALL, Cora  20 Oct 1876Ohio, USA I420
22 CRABTREE, Arthur Elseworth or Ellsworth  15 May 1876Ohio, USA I59
23 CRABTREE, Ellsworth Arthur  May 1876Ohio, USA I645
24 CRABTREE, Ann  1874Ohio, USA I786
25 MERCER, Albert  1872Ohio, USA I457
26 MCCALL, William Nelson  1 Apr 1869Ohio, USA I448
27 MCCALL, Mellissa Clementine  1 Jun 1868Ohio, USA I413
28 MCCANDLESS, Charles  1868Ohio, USA I755
29 MCCALL, Melissa C  Abt 1868Ohio, USA I305
30 MCCANDLESS, Jeremiah  1866Ohio, USA I754
31 SCHELLENGER, John  1865Ohio, USA I444
32 MCCANDLESS, David Nelson  1864Ohio, USA I753
33 MCCALL, Charles Barton  1864Ohio, USA I639
34 GARRISON, Elizabeth E. J.  Abt 1864Ohio, USA I1004
35 MCCALL, Sarah A  Abt 1863Ohio, USA I303
36 MCCALL, Martha Emma  1862Ohio, USA I643
37 [WILLIAMS], Katharine  Abt 1861Ohio, USA I825
38 KIRKENDALL, Amos  1861Ohio, USA I368
39 MCCANDLESS, Robert S  1860Ohio, USA I750
40 MCCANDLESS, Martha  1854Ohio, USA I749
41 LANG, Hannah  Abt 1843Ohio, USA I1003
42 WEETHEE, Lucinda  20 May 1820Ohio, USA I1097
43 MALLOW, Henry  18 Nov 1758Ohio, USA I1454
44 LORING, Thelma  Abt 1906Ohio, USA I1579
45 LORING, Mary  Abt 1911Ohio, USA I1580
46 CRABTREE, Herlie  Ohio, USA I748


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 POTTS, Harley Michael  Apr 1963Ohio, USA I439
2 LEE, Margaret Ann  7 Nov 1899Ohio, USA I1105