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Queen Family Ancestry

Transcribed from "Queen Family, Originally Known As McQueen, Came Here From Ireland Before Revolution" article in 3 July 1932 Clarksburg, WV Exponent-Telegram

This article originally appeared in the Clarksburg, WV Exponent-Telegram on 3 July 1932, and is subtitled "Stephan Post Queen, Northview, Represents Sixth Generation." Terry Barnett has at least two copies of it; one is mounted and framed. He loaned it to me in December 2007, and I am transcribing what genealogical information I can from it.

There is an accompanying photo of Stephan Post Queen and his wife Virginia Catherine Queen, captioned as follows:

Queens Typify Their Ancestors

"Stephan Post Queen and Virginia Catherine Queen, aged residents of Northview, are descendants from pioneer settlers in Harrison and Upshur counties. He is of the sixth generation in America and there are three younger generations than his. She traces her maternal ancestry to his paternal progenitor who first came to America before the Revolutionary war.

Crippled when a mere babe from a malady which afflicted the family, Queen proved himself a man of courage and fortitude and made a success in life. He gives Mrs. Queen full credit for the constant helpfulness she gave him in his uneven struggle. They are an ideal Christian couple as witnessed by their former pastor.

There are five other articles on the page. "University to Hold State Institute Of Journalism;" "Brief Facts About W. Va.;" "Jail Population Averages Over 95;" "Call Polish Reds Cruel;" and "Plans Accepted For Salem Gym."

The piece runs about six full columns. The Queen tie-in to the Barnett line appears in the fourth and fifth columns. First, in the fourth column, we see Clarence Barnett is married to Saville Queen ("Lives in Ohio"):

Saville, eighth child of the venerable couple, was born August 20, 1887, in Lewis county. She married Clarence Barnett, July 3, 1908. They live at Reedsville, O., where he is a merchant. They have six children, Nile, Chester, Burl, Howard, Clarence (sic) and Doris.

The fifth child is actually Clarabel, not Clarence. There are several such errors in the article. Chester Clayton Barnett is Terry Barnett's father.

Also, from the fifth column, in the section "Lived in Upshur:"

After their marriage, Mr. And Mrs. Stephan Post Queen lived three years on a farm at the lower edge of Upshur country near Johnstown, and then they moved to a farm of 40 acres on Kincheloe, where they remained four years and then moved back to Peck's run to the same house for the next four years. They then removed to Hog Camp run of Kincheloe creek, in Lewis county, where they resided 40 years, and then came to Clarksburg 18 years ago last fall, first living on North Nineteenth street, near their present residence. After three years there, they went to Joppa, Meigs county, Ohio, where he purchased a farm, remained on it a year, and traded it for a store, now owned and operated by Clarence Barnett, a son-in-law."

Charles Queen

Charles Queen, nee McQueen, came from Tipperary county in Ireland, where he served as the magistrate for a time. As a benefit of his office, he received 1,400 acres in America, but he first had to change his name from McQueen to Queen. It is unknown when he arrived in America, but family legend puts it prior to the American Revolution.

His 1,400 acres were laid out on Gnatty Creek, near Peel Creek, I think. The copy I am transcribing from cut off the first two to three letters in the left column, but later on in the piece, it mentions "Peel Tree" as the birthplace of Stewart L. Queen. The land was later owned by the late Judge Edwin S. Duncan, and by 1932 was owned by Iva C. Post.

Charles' wife is not named. She and Charles had a son, Charles Queen. Jr., born in America. By his second birthday, his parents had taken him back to England, where his father soon died. His mother had him trained to be a weaver, and he served a term in the British Army. By age 21, both of his parents had died, and Charles Jr. returned to his birthplace. He married Elizabeth Haley, and they had nine children.

Children of Charles Queen Jr. and Elizabeth Haley

The children are listed as they appeared in the article. They are grouped by gender, but no birth years are listed, so I don't know if that was deliberate or was the actual birth order.

  • John Queen; married Elizabeth White in 1799; lived in Ohio
  • Armstead Queen; married Charlotte Norman in 1812; died about 1829
  • Charles Queen; he and John both traveled to Ohio, where Charles died unmarried.
  • William Queen; the article first says that he "lived and died at the old home."; later, it mentions that he was married twice. In 1811 he married Margaret Gregory, and in 1819, he married Margaret ??ffries (probably Jeffries). A later sentence suggests that William left descendants, but they are not named, and it's not clear at all who the mother was.
  • Levi Queen; married Catherine Coburn ??wther, "a daughter of Jonathon Coburn, who settled on Coburn's creek in 1775."
  • Cornelius Queen; married Mary Ann Race in 1808; they "left descendants" as did William Queen.
  • Elizabeth Queen; married Rezin Harvey
  • Sarah Queen; married William Gregory
  • Mary Queen; married Moses Bennett in 1806. The article first mentions this marriage as between Moses Bennett and Sarah Queen. "Sarah Queen, another daughter, married William Gregory. Still another daughter. Sarah Queen married Moses Bennett in 1806." Whether a typographical error or a simple error in transcribing notes, we will likely never know.

Children of Armstead Queen and Charlotte Norman Queen

These children are simply listed in the following order, with little additional information. I suspect the gender segregation here is deliberate.

  • John B. Queen
  • Martin Queen
  • Charles A. Queen; married Charlotta Jeffries and was a farmer and a teacher. He died in ???y, 1870. I suspect May 1870, although it could be July, but there's not enough space for it to be January or February. Charles A. and Charlotta Queen had four boys and four girls.
  • Levi H. Queen
  • James Gett Queen
  • ??dia Queen (see previous mention of left side of copy)
  • Elizabeth Queen
  • Nancy Queen
  • Letty Queen
  • Je?ma Queen
  • Eliza Queen

Children of Charles A. and Charlotta Jeffries

  • Tabitha Queen; born 1820; married ??mes White; died Walnut Fork, Lewis County, WV. White served as a Union soldier.
  • Stewart Litle Queen; born 1822
  • Lydia Queen; born 1824; married Asa ???athouse; they lived 40 years at Heater and died there.
  • Armstead Queen; born 1818; married Nancy Starcher; died in Peck's Run region
  • Sarah Queen; married James Matheny; lived and died on Cove Creek, near Troy in Gilmer County, WV. James served as a Union solider.
  • Eliza Queen; married Washington Cicero Bowyer; lived and died in Parkersburg. Bowyer was referred to as a "refugee" from the east, and served in the Union army.
  • Levi Queen; married Nancy Ridgeway; they had 7 children, and Levi served in the Union Army.
  • Benton Queen; married Virginia Longinette. Benton was the last surviving child of Charles A. and Charlotta Jeffries in 1932, and was living in Weston, WV.

Children of Stewart Litle Queen and Anna Post Queen

Stewart Litle Queen and Anna Post had fifteen children, according the article, but only thirteen are listed. The piece mentions 11 boys and 4 girls, but only 9 male children are listed.

  • Stephen Post Queen
  • Jacob W. Queen; born November 9 1849; died December 22 1920
  • Mary Elizabeth Queen; born November 18 1850; died March 6 1878
  • Edwin S. Queen; born November 8 1851
  • Benjamin S. Queen; born March 25 1853; died 1928
  • Alvin M. Queen; born May 6 1854
  • Lydia J. Queen; born July 28 1855
  • Daniel I. H. Queen; born December 7 1857
  • Christianna Queen; born September 21 1859
  • Charles N. Queen; born February 17 1861
  • Margaret S. Queen; born November 11 1862
  • Benton A. Queen; born March 3 1864
  • Stewart H. Queen; born November 16 1865

Children of Stephan Post Queen and Virginia Catherine Bennett Queen

Stephan Post Queen was born November 19, 1848 "at the head of Peck's run in Upshur county, Va., now W. Va." His parents were Stewart Litle Queen (b April 19, 1822, m Feb 10, 1848) and Anna Post (parents Daniel and Mary Heavener Post, of Upshur county). He was the eldest of fifteen children.

Virginia Catherine Bennett was the daughter of Silas and Rebecca Crites Bennett, of near Hodgeville. She was the second youngest of twelve children. She married Stephan Post Queen on September 22 1871 "on Hacker's creek by her uncle, Elias Bennett."

Stephan and Virginia had twelve children.

  • Cora A. Queen, born March 26 1873 at Peck's run, Upshur county; married Rev. Allison McClain (d July 28, 1927)); they had 14 children. Nine were still alive in 1932.
  • Ira Litle Dayton Queen, born May 26, 1874. He married Effie Lena Davis, and they had two children, Ivan and Ila. Ila married Harry Abbott "now dead," and they had "three children, now living at Charlotte, N. C., with their mother." Effie Davis later died, and Ira married Elsie Shahan Nuzum, of Salem. They had no children. The article has Ira and Elsie living in Petersburg (sic), Florida.
  • da Lovada Queen, born November 7, 1875 in Upshur county; died October 8 1879 "on Peck's run in the same county."
  • Edgbert L. Queen, born March 23. 1877 in Upshur county. First married Grace Weekley of Tyler county on October 19, 1903. They had two children, Wendell and Denver C., who were both married with children. Grace later died, and Edgbert married Lessie O. Scott, of Masontown, Preston county. Edgbert and Lessie had three children, Helen, Ella, and Edward, "all at home." Edgbert then married Birdie Gorby, "of Belpre, O." They had a daughter Ruth, living at home with them.
  • George Lee Queen, born April 4, 1879 in Upshur county; married Clara Ables November 7, 1906. They had one son, William. George graduated from "Scio college, Scio, O." and married Clara there. As of the article, he lived in St Petersburg, Florida where he was a druggist and realtor.
  • Arthur B. Queen, born May 18, 1882, in Lewis county; married Alba Seckaveck of Kansas on October 20, 1908. They had six children: Stephen, Virginia, Ruth, Naomi, George, "and a girl whose name is not recalled by the grandparents."
  • Oda Garfield Queen, born August 29, 1883 in Lewis county; died June 21, 1888 "on a farm on Kinchloe creek."
  • Saville Queen, born August 20, 1887, in Lewis county. "She married Clarence Barnett, July 3, 1908. They live at Reedsville, O., where he is a merchant. They have six children, Nile, Chester, Burl, Howard, Clarence and Doris." Terry gave me Clarabelle instead of Clarence, saying specifically that there were 4 boys and 2 girls, and Clarabelle is apparently still living, according to Terry. Given that Stephen Queen was 84 at the time of the interview, it's not unlikely that he switched a name this way.
  • Charles Goff Queen, born February 28, 1889 in Lewis county; married Orpha Lee McKinley (b July 9, 1891 in Harrison county) of Kinchloe on July 3, 1909. Orpha's parents were Thomas J. and Mary S. Findlay McKinley. They had three children (Eva, Excell, and Emerald), and also lived in St Petersburg. It would be very interesting to see what took three children all to St Petersburg. Charles, George and Ira all lived in St Petersburg in 1932.
  • Nelly Queen, born May 6, 1891, died February 26, 1894 in Lewis county, of croup.

  • Margaret Queen, born August 1, 1893, also died February 26, 1894 of croup, and the sisters were buried in the same coffin.
  • Harvey Harrison Queen, born October 4, 1895 in Lewis county; married Mae Keefer of Lewis county; died May 23, 1923 in Lewis county. He was a World War I veteran, "[O]ne of the first to go overseas

Owner/SourceBob Mueller
Date3 July 1932
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