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J. C. Mueller Family - Part 1: Introduction And Mueller Chronology By C. E. Bock

Part 1 of "The J. C. Mueller Family," a family history compiled by my late father, Harold Mueller. Documents marked with the blue folder icon are part of this history. This history is presented as he last edited it and has not been updated.


Introduction And Mueller Chronology By C. E. Bock

To clarify: The foreward, introduction and all [bracketed] text was written by my father, Harold Mueller. The referenced "Chronology of the J. C. Mueller Family in America" was written by C. E. Bock. - RBM


All of my grandparents died before I was born, and there are many things I wish I knew about them. Perhaps I might not have asked the right questions even if they had lived until I was able to ask them. I wish that someone of their generation had written something about how they decided to come to the United States, how they came, and why they went to New York and then to Texas. Perhaps someone did write all this down in the form of letters or diaries no longer known or preserved. Perhaps that is what will happen to these pages. However, after thirty or forty years of gathering notes, clippings, documents, pictures, and other memorabilia, I felt the need to try to assemble in one place all that I have been able to piece together about my family, chiefly the J. C. Mueller family of Austin, Texas, and related families. The following pages are the result. I don't expect to complete it; there will always be unanswered questions, and new facts to be added. This effort was begun in July, 1980, after I had completed a draft of the history of the Matthew Kreisle family, the first of my ancestors to come to Texas.

* * * * * *

Growing up in Austin, Texas in the 1920's and 1930's as a member of the second generation of a close-knit German-American family had both its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes it was difficult to know which was which. There were numerous occasions when the family as a whole gathered to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or accomplishments. Most of the important dates were commonly known and observed. As the family grew larger, and perhaps because of various deaths, births, and marriages that occurred in the 20's and 30's, Carl Edward Bock, the senior member of the second generation of the J. C. Mueller family provided a document in 1939 that drew together what was probably a combination of family "lore," documented, and remembered dates. This one-page "Chronology of the J. C. Mueller Family in America" put together the known facts about J. C. and Louise S. Mueller and the first and second generations of their descendants. Although there is no documentation nor indication of source of the information, it provides, nevertheless, a basic starting point. For some family members baptismal and other certificates have been preserved; for others, there simply aren't documents or certificates to verify dates.

As a starting point in this effort to preserve what I have learned about the J. C. Mueller family, the chronology of the J. C. Muellers as prepared by Carl Edward Bock in 1939 is quoted in its entirety. Births, deaths, and marriages since 1939 and explanatory notes or corrections are enclosed within square brackets. These additions are, in some cases, rather lengthy. Successive generations are indicated by line indentations.

Chronology of the J. C. Mueller Family in America

This brief family history is dedicated to our beloved forbears who left their homes and loved ones across the ocean and came to America in the pursuit of happiness, and found it in working hard, planning, overcoming many obstacles, and rearing a splendid family, every member of which has been a useful and valuable citizen of his community.

JOHANN KARL MÜLLER was born Jan. 6, 1847, in Ober-Ingelheim, Germany. He came to America at the age of 20. Died in Austin, Texas, on Apr. 28, 1894.

LOUISE SCHIRMER was born Mar. 5, 1849, in Eisenach, Germany. [actually, Wünschensuhl, a small village near Eisenach] She came to America at the age of 18. Died in Austin, Texas, on Oct. 14, 1914.

They were married on Mar. 29, 1872, in Coxsackie, Green [Greene] Co., New York, and four sons and two daughters were born to them:

PHILIPPINE EVA, born Aug. 28, 1875, near Oak Hill. Died June 25, 1939. Married GUIDO CHRISTOPHER BOCK (born July 13, 1875) on May 6, 1908.

[GUIDO C. BOCK died Oct. 22, 1947. His gravestone gives his birthdate as July 12, 1876. The name of his wife is "PINA EVA MUELLER BOCK" on her gravestone. See slide.]


CARL EDWARD dadtext[BOCK] (born Mar. 13, 1909), who married CAROLINE CHRISTINE BATTERSBY of San Antonio (born Dec. 2, 1910) on Apr. 21, 1935.

[CARL EDWARD BOCK died Dec. 11, 1992. CAROLINE B. BOCK died Dec. 24, 1985.]


[INFANT DAUGHTER (born and died June 30, 1936)]

CAROLYN CHRISTINE [BOCK] (born Apr. 15, 1938).

[Married DOUGLAS HUGH McBRIDE (born Dec. 15, 1935) of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, on July 23, 1960.


MELISSA LYN McBRIDE (born October 15, 1962).

KERI LEIGH McBRIDE (born July 15, 1964) married FREDERICK RICHARD SUTTER (born Sept. 7, 1958) of Sandusky, Ohio, on June 20, 1987.


ERIN CHRISTINE SUTTER (born June 5, 1990 in Columbus, Ohio).

CHRISTY MICHELLE McBRIDE (born November 3, 1969).

CAROL SUE BOCK (born Nov. 9, 1943) married HERNAN IGNACIO GONZALES-LLACH (born Oct. 6, 1936) of Cartagena, Colombia, on July 6, 1969.


ANTHONY HERNAN GONZALES (born December 5, 1973) in Austin, Texas.]

OTTILIE LOUISE, born Aug. 2, 1878, near Oak Hill. Married GUSTAVUS FREDERICK BORNER of Staatsburg, New York (born Dec. 4, 1867) on April 19, 1911.

[GUSTAVE F. BORNER died Dec. 6, 1953. OTTILIE M. BORNER died Mar. 23, 1965. The "1868" shown as Gustave Borner's year of birth on his gravestone is apparently incorrect. There is an implication in the "Chronology" that Gustave Borner was born in Staatsburg, N. Y., however, this is not explicitly stated. A New York State Census of 1892 shows his place of birth as "Germany," and his mother, Amelia Schirmer Borner, indicated in the 1900 U. S. Census that she had come to the U. S. in 1870, which would be after the birth of Gustave Borner. His name is shown as "Gustave," not "Gustavus," in the 1880 Census (two places), and in the 1892 State Census.]

[No children]

RUDOLPH GEORGE, born Nov. 20, 1879, near Oak Hill. Married LAURA EMMA VON BOECKMANN (born June 20, 1884) on Sept. 26, 1906.

[RUDOLPH G. MUELLER died Mar. 13, 1957; LAURA von B. MUELLER died June 5, 1970.]


SHERMAN EDGAR (born July 31, 1911, died Feb. 17, 1913).

FRANCES LOUISE (born Mar. 23, 1914).

[Married WILLIAM PAUL DANFORTH (born August 15, 1911; died May 17, 1983) of Houston, Texas, on August 16, 1942.


WILLIAM PAUL DANFORTH, JR. (born August 31, 1943).

DOUGLAS MUELLER DANFORTH (born Nov.12, 1948) married MARGARET ANN LINDER (born Jan. 6, 1949) of Austin, on March 3, 1973.




DONALD LEE DANFORTH (born Oct.30, 1952) married TERESA GAYLE MORGAN (born April 3, 1959, in Wichita Falls) of Waco, on June 7, 1992.]


COLTON STEWART DANFORTH (born Jan. 7, 1993).

RUDOLPH GEORGE, JR. (born May 11, 1917).

[Married MARGARET JEAN LOCKE (born November 19, 1919) of San Antonio, Texas, on December 28, 1940.


RANDOLPH GEORGE MUELLER (born June 27, 1945) married BARBARA JO TSCHIRGI (born October 20, 1948) of Plainview, Texas, on June 14, 1969.


JOHN MARTIN MUELLER (born May 5, 1970) in Frankfurt, Germany.

ANDREW SCOTT MUELLER (born November 1, 1972) in Austin, Texas.

BETSY ANN MUELLER (born April 23, 1976) in Austin, Texas.

MARK RANDOLPH MUELLER (born January 30, 1978) in Georgetown, Texas.

PEGGY JEAN MUELLER (born June 14, 1952) married JOHN YERBY TARLTON of Austin, Texas, on June 24, 1972. Divorced, 1983.]

ROBERT, born June 15, 1881, near Oak Hill. Died Jan. 11, 1927. Married CLARA REGINA JOHN of Galveston (born Feb. 21, 1885, died June 15, 1909) on Dec. 25, 1908.

Married LEONA MAYER (born Mar. 17, 1883) on Sept. 25, 1912.

[LEONA M. MUELLER died Jan. 27, 1971.]


ROBERT [JR.] (born Jan. 25, 1916) married MARGARET [BOYD] LOGAN of San Angelo (born Dec. 29, 1916) on Dec. 23, 1939.

[ROBERT MUELLER, JR., died June 7, 1988. MARGARET L. MUELLER died Jan. 19, 1989.


MARILYN MUELLER (born August 1, 1946) married KENNETH LEON SPARKS (born March 21, 1943) of Ovieda, Florida, on July 20, 1968.


SHANNON LYNN SPARKS (born August 25, 1972).

SHANE ROBIN SPARKS (born January 21, 1975).

INFANT SON (born and died Sept. 8, 1948)

ROBERTA NELL MUELLER (born November 3, 195l) married WILLIAM GARDINER (born April 21, 1949) of Moorestown, New Jersey, on June 18, 1977.


MATTHEW LIN GARDINER (born Sept. 27, 1980).

ROBERT EVAN GARDINER (born April 16, 1983).]

LOUIS (born June 26, 1918, died Oct. 14, 1936).

HAROLD (born Jan. 28, 1920).

[Married BEATRICE JOY BALDINGER (born Dec. 1, 1926) of Metairie, Louisiana, on June 26, 1959.


HAROLD EDWARD MUELLER (born July 7, 1960) in Sherman, Texas.

ROBERT BALDINGER MUELLER (born Nov. 4, 1965) in Sherman, Texas married REBECCA ELIZABETH FULTON (born May 14, 1970) of Marietta, Ohio, on April 28, 1990. Dissolution of marriage granted Mar. 12, 1993.


MATTHEW ROBERT MUELLER (born June 22, 1990 in Marietta, Ohio).]

m. DIANA LYNN DIEFENBACH (born Oct. 13, 1971) of Columbus, Ohio on July 30, 1994

CARL HENRY, born Feb. 21, 1883, near Oak Hill. Married VERA [TERESA] BASSE of San Antonio (born Aug. 21, 1891) on June 3, 1914.

[CARL H. MUELLER died Dec. 10, 1957; VERA B. MUELLER died Jan. 17, 1955.]


CARL BASSE (born Oct. 25, 1915).

[Married JEWELL LEEVERN JENNINGS (born Sept. 15, 1918) of Levelland, Texas, on Sept. 25, 1940.


CORA ZOE MUELLER (born June 21, 1955).

CARLA JO MUELLER (born May 15, 1960) married CHARLES RICHARD McENTIRE, on March 22, 1985.


CODY RYAN McENTIRE (born July 29, 1989 in Alpine, Texas).]

HOMER CLIFFORD (born Nov. 4, 1918). [Married PATRICIA LOWMAN (born Nov. 13, 1929) of London, England, on Oct. 1, 1966. Divorced.

HOMER CLIFFORD MUELLER died March 1, 1986.]

LEO OSWALD, born Aug. 23, 1894 [1884], near Oak Hill. Married SIDONIA RUMMEL (born [at Carmine, Tex.] Dec. 10, 1897) on Sept. 12, 1923.

[LEO O. MUELLER died June 9, 1962; SIDONIA R. MUELLER died May 27, 1981.]


LOUISE ANN (born Mar. 24, 1927).

[Married JOHN LUDWIG of Austin, Texas, 1948. Divorced.

Married WILLIAM HOUSAND (born Oct. 22, 1931) of DeLand, Florida, on Oct. 16, 1959.


CONRAD JENNINGS HOUSAND (born Oct. 3, 1966).

INFANT (born and died Sept. 22, 1930)]

LEO, JR. (born Nov. 13, 1931).

[Married NANCY JANE WILLIAMS (born May 22, 1935) of Austin, Texas, on April 17, 1954.


LEO OSWALD MUELLER, III (born May 16, 1957) married JANA JOHNSON of Austin, on August 11, 1979. Divorced, 1986.

LEO OSWALD MUELLER, III married MARY LOUISE FRAGA (born Dec. 12, 1953) of Bryan, Texas, on March 3, 1990.


CELESTE NICOLE CASAS (born May 6, 1979).

CHRISTIAN ANDREA CASAS (born Feb. 9, 1982).

RONALD OWEN MUELLER (born March 27, 1960).]

* * * * * *

Carl Edward Bock Christmas, 1939

Revised: Harold Mueller, 1972, 1982-90, 1992-93

As of FEB. 2, 1993

Owner/SourceHarold Mueller
Date3 Feb 1993
PlaceAustin, Travis County, Texas
Linked toCarl Edward BOCK; Dr. Harold MUELLER

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