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J. C. Mueller Family - Part 2: The Ancestors And German Relatives of J. C. Mueller

Part 2 of "The J. C. Mueller Family"


II. The Ancestors And German Relatives of J. C. Mueller

The town or village of Ober-Ingelheim, where J. C. Mueller was born, is now known simply as Ingelheim; the three communities of Ober-Ingelheim, Nieder-Ingelheim ("Upper and Lower Ingelheim") and Frei-Weinheim were united in 1939 as Ingelheim am Rhein. It is located on the south or west side of the Rhine, between Mainz and Bingen, in Rhine-Hesse, and in the district of Bingen ("im Kr. Bingen"). The area as a whole is known for its vineyards and wine, and Ingelheim styles itself as the "red wine city" on its mailings. There are no Muellers remaining in Ingelheim who are related to J. C. Mueller descendants, but there are relatives of the family, the George Maurer family, whom I met in 1976, and also visited briefly in 1982. The family line can be traced back for four generations beyond J. C. Mueller, to 1699, with many Johanns (eight of the fourteen identified are "Johann") in the descent. Three of them were farmers, one was a turner, one a tailor, one a church sexton, one a preceptor, and another a teacher (of the eight whose occupations are known).

In 1969-70 an extract from the birth-register of the municipality of Ingelheim am Rhein was obtained ("Geburtsregister Nr.2/1847 Standesamt Ober-Ingelheim, jetzt Ingelheim am Rhein"), in which the birth of Johann Karl Müller is shown as Jan. 6, 1847. His father's name is given as Johann Heinrich Müller, and the maiden name of his mother is given as Susanna Gertrude Wenzel. Additional information was provided as follows on the ancestors of Johann Karl Müller (the name is spelled throughout with an umlaut over the "u," rather than "ue;" translation from the German by Harold Mueller):

Johann Karl Müller, born Jan. 6, 1847, in Ober-Ingelheim


Johann Heinrich Müller, Dreher [turner], evangelisch [Lutheran], born Sept. 1, 1809, in Ober-Ingelheim, died June 26, 1895 in Ober-Ingelheim, married on Dec. 26, 1837 in Ober-Ingelheim to Susanna Gertrude Wenzel, evangelisch [Lutheran], born May 8, 1810 in Ober-Ingelheim, died Dec. 20, 1886 in Ober-Ingelheim.

[J. C. Mueller, his son, died the year before his father.]

Grandparents (Father's side):

Johann Christian Müller, Ackersmann [farmer], reformiert [reformed], born Aug. 18, 1782 in Ober-Ingelheim, died July 4, 1859 in Ober-Ingelheim, married on Dec. 20, 1808 in Ober-Ingelheim to Jakobine Brodrecht, Reformed, born July 19, 1788 in Ober-Ingelheim, died Sept. 2, 1857 in Ober-Ingelheim.

Grandparents (Mother's side):

Jakob Wenzel, Schullehrer [school-teacher], reformiert, born May 2, 1778 in Ober-Ingelheim, died Dec. 21, 1831 in Ober-Ingelheim, married on June 29, 1808 in Ober-Ingelheim to Anna Elisabeth Schnell, born about 1787 in Sauer-Schwabenheim, now Schwabenheim/ Rhh.[Rhein/Hesse] died Feb. 22, 1877 in Ober-Ingelheim.

[In 1982, in the grave yard of the Ev. Pfarrkirche of Ingelheim, Robert, my son, and I found the gravestone of a Peter Wenzel and his wife, Maria. The inscription on the stone is as follows: "Hier ruht in Gott / Peter Wenzel. / Lehrer. / geb. d. 2 Septbr. 1812. / gest. d. 8 Dezbr. 1892. / Maria Wenzel. / geb. d. 26 Novbr. 1823. / gest. d. 7 Mai 1907." Note that his occupation is given as Lehrer or teacher. Pure speculation, but Peter Wenzel could have been a brother of my great-grandmother, Susanna Gertrude Wenzel, 1810-1886, and this Peter Wenzel, 1812-1892, could have been following the occupation of his father(?), Jacob Wenzel, 1778-1831. The first child of Johann Heinrich Müller and Susanna Gertrude Wenzel was Peter Jacob Müller, 1839-1860, who might have been named for Susanna's father and brother. See page 9.]

Great-Grandparents (Father's side):

Johann Daniel Müller, Ackersmannreformiert, born June 27, 1747 in Ober-Ingelheim, died Jan. 9, 1817 in Ober-Ingelheim, married Jan. 28, 1772 in Ober-Ingelheim to Maria Dorothea Michel, born about 1746 ("Birthdate can not be found"), died Feb. 2, 1814 in Ober-Ingelheim.

Johann Philipp Brodrecht, Ackersmannreformiert, born Aug. 11, 1755 in Ober-Ingelheim, died Dec. 4, 1830 in Ober-Ingelheim, married April 8, 1785 in Ober-Ingelheim to Maria Magdalena Eppelmann (also Äppelmann), born about 1759 in Engelstadt, died April 29, 1831 in Ober-Ingelheim.

Great-Grandparents (Mother's side):

Johann Peter Wenzel, Schneider [tailor], reformiert, born May 12, 1736 in Stromberg/Hunsrück, died April 29, 1784 in Ober-Ingelheim, married in Sept., 1760 in Ober-Ingelheim to Charlotte Sophie Kaibel (also Keibel), reformiert, born Jan. 1, 1741 in Ober-Ingelheim. ("Death entry can not be found.")

Philipp Schnell, Ackersmann, and Anna Margarethe Schnell, born Dünges, aus Sauer-Schwabenheim, now Schwabenheim/Rheinhessen, Kreis Mainz-Bingen.

Great-Great-Grandparents (Father's side):

Johann Peter Müller, Glöckner [bell-ringer or sexton], reformiert, born Sept. 27, 1716 in Engelstadt/Rheinhessen, died Mar. 18, 1792 in Ober- Ingelheim, married Nov. 22, 1740 in Ober-Ingelheim to Anna Christina Missman, reformiert, born Nov. 17, 1717 in Ober-Ingelheim. ("Death entry can not be found.")

Andreas Michel ("Further entries can not be found.")

Johann Adam Brodrecht, reformiert, born Jan. 16, 1716 in Ober-Ingelheim, ("death entry can not be found"), married Feb. 23, 1751 in Ober-Ingelheim to Maria Magdalena Weitzel, reformiert, born April 5, 1728 in Ober-Ingelheim. ("Death entry can not be found.")

Heinrich Äppelmann, born in Engelstadt. "Weitere Angaben können nicht jamacht werden." ("Further entries or notices can not be found.")

Great-Great-Grandparents (Mother's side):

Georg Wenzel from Stromberg/Hunsrück.

Johann Adam Kaibel (also Keibel), Präzeptor, reformiert, born June 17, 1699 in Schillingstedt/Baden, died May 24, 1761 in Ober-Ingelheim, married Nov. 16, 1719 in Ober-Ingelheim to Gertraud Magdalena Faber, reformiert, born Oct. 7, 1701 in Caub [Kaub?], now Kaub/Rhein, died in June 1762 in Ober-Ingelheim.

Schnell. (No information given)

Dünges. (No information given)

Dated Dec. 2, 1969, Ingelheim am Rhein

* * * * *

In 1970, additional information was obtained from the city offices of Ingelheim concerning the brothers and sisters of J. C. Mueller, and their descendants. For the latter, only information on the George Müller family, who remained in Ingelheim, was available. The information obtained follows:

Johann Heinrich Müller married Dec. 26, 1837 in Ober-Ingelheim to Susanna Gertrude Wenzel.


I. Peter Jacob Müller, born Jan. 8, 1839 in Ober-Ingelheim, died Nov. 29, 1860, in Ober-Ingelheim. [age: 21]

II. Philipp Heinrich Müller, born July 27, 1840 in Ober-Ingelheim. [No additional information is given, since he left Ingelheim to come to the United States. A pencil drawing of the church in Ingelheim (die Evangelische Pfarrkirche, as it is known in Ingelheim) has been among the family possessions. It is inscribed "P. H. Müller fecit Mz. 1872, Ober-Ingelheim"("Made by P. H. Mueller, March, 1872, Ober-Ingelheim"). On the back of the board mounting is written, apparently referring to J. C. Mueller, "Papa was confirmed in this church." It might be inferred from these notes that (a), Henry did not leave Ober-Ingelheim until after 1872, unless he did the drawing by memory, and (b), J. C. Mueller did not leave Ober-Ingelheim until after his confirmation, the date of which is unknown (perhaps at age 15-16, 1862-63)].

[There is a documented inscription and date, "Johann Karl Müller. in Ober-Ingelheim bei Mainz. 10 Ma"rz 1866" on the inside cover of a small Reise-Taschenbuch ("Travel-Pocketbook"). Thus it is certain that he did not leave Ober-Ingelheim until after 1866.]

[Henry Mueller, or "Uncle Henry," was living in Newark, N. J., when Robert and Leona Mayer Mueller visited them during their wedding trip in the fall of 1912. A picture taken at that time apparently shows the three daughters of Henry and his wife. There are or were letters exchanged between the Henry Muellers and the Robert Muellers around the time of the visit. One of the letters is dated "Newark, N. J. Dec. 2, 1912," and is signed by a Maude Mueller, one of Henry's daughters. No further address in Newark is given, and all contact with this branch of the family has been lost for many years.

Also in the family collection of pictures is a photograph of the children of Henry Mueller, although not specifically identified as such. On the back side of the photograph the names and ages of the children are given as follows: Walter Mueller, age 22 (or 21-a crossout), Clara E. (or C?), 18, Victor H., 17, Hattie, 15, Maude, 12, Elsie R., 4. The photo is dated June 26/98, and was made by J. William Kraeuter, Newark, N. J.

In 1910, Louisa Mueller, Tillie, Rudolph and Laura visited New York, and the entry in Tillie's travel diary is as follows: "Went to Newark to see Uncle Henry, found out he had sold business a year ago. Tried to locate Aunt Annie, gave up." It is not known if the reference to "Aunt Annie" refers to Henry's wife or not. In 1956, Aunt Tillie said that "Henry Mueller was married twice, and that a grand-daughter of Henry visited Austin a few years ago."]

III. Andresetta Müller, born July 10, 1842 in Ober-Ingelheim, died Oct. 6, 1853 in Ober-Ingelheim.

[Died at the age of eleven; a later communication from Ingelheim indicated that Andresetta was female.]

IV. Georg Müller, Drehermeister und Grossherzogl. Beigeordneter (Master-turner and Grand Ducal Deputy Mayor), born July 22, 1844 in Ober- Ingelheim, married Jan. 18, 1872 in Ober-Ingelheim to Elisabetha Rauth, born Nov. 17, 1848 in Ober-Ingelheim, died Feb. 26, 1917 in Ober- Ingelheim.

[Georg Müller was a brother of J. C. Mueller, therefore an uncle of Pina, Tillie, Rudolph, Robert, Carl, and Leo Mueller. Georg, who remained in Ober-Ingelheim, around 1900 (probably 1905, see below) was a Trexler (Drechsler), a turner, as one who works with a lathe, according to Aunt Tillie. His father, Johann Heinrich Müller, 1809-1895, was also described as a Dreher, or turner (see above). Tillie and her mother, Louise Schirmer Mueller, visited Ober-Ingelheim and Eisenach in 1905, and Tillie's travel diary provides some interesting and informative comments (see Appendix). I visited the great-grandson of Georg Müller, Georg Maurer, in 1976. He was in the soft-drink distribution business, and, as I understood him, his father or grandfather had previously run a wine-cellar.]

[In 1982, Robert and I visited Ingelheim, and although we only saw Frau Georg Maurer, she guided us to the old church (Alt-Kirche or Pfarrkirche) at Ingelheim. We searched the grounds for graves or gravestones of Muellers, but found none. The church, which is still in use, dates back to the 14th-15th centuries, and was obviously the same church as the one in the drawing by Henry Mueller. See photos. I was told that Georg Maurer and his sons were confirmed in the Alt-Kirche.]


1. Susanna Elisabetha Müller, born June 7, 1872, died (----), married Sept. 14, 1895, in Bingen/Rhein to Wilhelm Zahn, Sparkassen- buchhalter [savings bank book-keeper], born Nov. 28, 1866 in Eichloch.

2. Louise Hermine Müller, born Dec. 13, 1874 in Ober-Ingelheim, died April 18, 1957 in Ingelheim am Rhein, married Jan. 4, 1901 in Ober-Ingelheim to Georg Maurer, Kaufmann [merchant], who died Oct. 20, 1934 in Ingelheim am Rhein.

[The two daughters of Georg Müller were first-cousins of Tillie. She referred to them by their middle names, Eliza and Hermina. From Tillie's 1905 travel diary: "Later we walked over to Cousin Hermina's house. Hermina is a beautiful woman has a handsome husband and two children a girl Elsa and a boy George. Mr. Maurer (Hermina's husband) took us through his wine cellar and house....Cousin Eliza lives in Mainz married 10 years have no children was sorry could not see her...."]


a) Georg Wilhelm Maurer, Kaufmann, born June 9, 1904 in Ober-Ingelheim, died Feb. 28, 1970 in Ingelheim am Rhein, married April 14, 1931 in Ober-Ingelheim to Anna Maria Wedel, who died Mar. 20, 1957 in Ingelheim am Rhein.

[Georg Wilhelm Maurer was a second cousin of my generation; we have the same great-grandparents. HM]


1. Georg Valentin Maurer, Kaufmann, born Sept. 13, 1932 in Mainz, residence in Ingelheim am Rhein, at Grundstrasse 89.

[Georg Valentin Maurer is my second cousin, one generation removed. When I was in Ingelheim in 1976, I met Maurer, his wife, and two sons. See photo.]

2. Anneliese Maurer, born 1935 in Mainz, died Aug. 5, 1937 in Ober-Ingelheim.

b) Elisabethe Hermine Maurer, born Nov. 2, 1901 in Mainz, wife of Hermann Conradi, Bundesbahninspektor [state train inspector], living in Mainz, Kreuzschanze 28.

[Both the Conradis were still living in 1976, when I visited Ingelheim. In 1982, we were told that Herr Conradi had since died. Elisabethe Conradi had told her nephew prior to 1976 that they had relatives in the United States. A Christmas card sent to the Conradis at their Mainz address in 1976 was returned.]

V. Johann Karl Müller, born Jan. 6, 1847.

[Our grandfather; no additional information given, since he left Ingelheim for the United States.]

VI. Robert Müller, born Dec. 22, 1848 in Ober-Ingelheim.

[No additional information given, since he left Ingelheim for the United States. There is a conflict in his date of birth, which Ingelheim shows as Dec. 22, 1848, but the column on the family plot in Oakwood Cemetery shows his birth date as Nov. 22, 1848.]

[Robert Mueller died May 24, 1904, in Austin, Texas, a suicide, and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery on the family plot. He had worked for a chemical company in St. Louis and had visited the J. C. Muellers when they were living on Slaughter Creek in the Oak Hill area. He was the uncle for whom my father, Robert Mueller (1881-1927), was named, and he is the only one listed under Taufzeugen [sponsors] on Robert Mueller's Tauf-Schein [Baptism Certificate], dated March 2, 1890.

According to clippings from the Austin papers of May 25-26, 1904, he killed himself at his brother's grave in the cemetery. He had had a fall three weeks previously, and he had been despondent over his health. On a card he had written his name and address, "508 East 16th Street," and the words, "Sickness, Suicide." According to the clippings, he had been living with the Muellers for about a year. He was unmarried, and, according to Aunt Tillie, he was in love with his brother's widow, but she did not want to marry him. Several letters (in German) from Robert to his nephew have been preserved; apparently they had a close relationship. In one letter, dated June 13, 1901, Robert (the elder) wrote birthday congratulations to his nephew and recalled an earlier visit to the J. C. Muellers, when they were living on Slaughter Creek, at a time when he was young, and the "sky was full of violins." He refers to the visit 20 years ago, "shortly before your birth," when "I visited your parents for the first time on the farm on Slaughter Creek." He also refers to his "problems with my throat," which may have been a factor in his later suicide. The letter is written on the letterhead of "The Antikamnia Chemical Company," home office, St. Louis, "Laboratories in St. Louis, London, Paris."]

VII. August Müller, born Aug. 28 (or 23?), 1850 in Ober-Ingelheim.

[No additional information given, since he came to the United States. He worked on the construction of the old Travis County Courthouse on Congress Avenue in Austin, and later returned to Germany, according to Aunt Tillie in 1956. Apparently there is no record of his death in Ober-Ingelheim, and also no indication that he returned to Ober- Ingelheim.]

VIII. Eva Philippina Müller, born Jan. 27, 1854 in Ober-Ingelheim, died Mar. 13, 1880 in Ober-Ingelheim. She was unmarried.

[Died at the age of 26; her namesake apparently was Philippina Mueller Bock.]

Dated May 5, 1970. Ingelheim am Rhein

[Translation by Harold Mueller; Müller is spelled with an umlaut "ü in all of the records from Ingelheim. I have assumed that the German word, "evangelisch," means Lutheran, however this may not have been entirely correct for the period covered in this listing. "Reformiert" may also refer to Lutheran beliefs.]

As of APR. 3, 1989.

Owner/SourceHarold Mueller
Date3 April 1989
PlaceIngelheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
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