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J. C. Mueller Family - Part 5: Chronology

Part 5 of "The J. C. Mueller Family." This was originally marked "IV-A" in my father's manuscript.

THE J. C. Mueller Family

IV-A. Chronology

Jan. 6, 1847, J. C. Mueller born (birth certificate: Jan. 6, 1847), came to the U. S. 'at the age of 20'=1867.

March 5, 1849, Louise Schirmer born (birth certificate: Mar. 5, 1849) (1900 U.S. Census: 'Born in 1850').

1866-67, Nicholas and Barbara Boerner (Borner) came to U. S. (obituaries). (1867 indicated as the year of Nicholas Borner's arrival in the U. S. in the 1900 U. S. Census.)

(Nicholas and Barbara Boerner were the parents of George Boerner, who married Amelia Schirmer; thus George was Louise Schirmer's brother-in-law. Although no direct cause and effect can be demonstrated, it seems likely that this was a direct influence in Amelia Schirmer's immigration three years later and Louise's immigration two years after her sister and brother-in-law. See p. 22)

Dec. 4, 1867, Gustave F. Borner born in Germany, second son of George and Amelia Schirmer Borner, the sister of Louise Schirmer. (Date from Bock Chronology, location from 1892 N. Y. State Census. His gravestone has 1868 as the date of his birth.)

1867, J. C. Mueller came to the United States (family tradition).

1869-70, George and Amelia Schirmer Borner (and their three oldest children) came to the United States (obituaries). (1870 indicated as the year of arrival in the U. S. of George and Amelia Borner in the 1900 U. S. Census.)

1872, Louise F. W. Schirmer came to the United States. (1900 U. S. Census: '28 years in the U. S.' 'Year of Immigration to U. S., 1872'). Source: 1900 Census, Microfilm Roll #1673, State of Texas, Travis County, Precinct #3, Austin, Enumeration District No. 95, Sheet No. 7, Line 47 (Lines 48-53 for six other family members), June 5, 1900.

March 29, 1872, marriage of J. C. Mueller and Louise (Louisa) F. W. Schirmer (no record nor certificate) in Coxsackie, Greene County, New York.

1873, J. C. and Louise S. Mueller came to Austin. (From obituary of Louise S. Mueller) (This probably means the Austin area and Travis County, rather than the city proper of Austin.)

Aug. 28, 1875, first child of J. C. and Louise S. Mueller born, Pina Eva Mueller, 'near Oak Hill.'

Nov. 1, 1875, 'Charles* Miller' bought 104 acres on Slaughter Creek in C(orbett) Stephens Survey No. 63, for $700 from George Heissner. (Vol. 31, pp. 238-9, Travis County records, filed Jan. 5, 1876) (This property partly owned by the Youngs in 1976, now sold). (*Ernest Thode of Marietta, Ohio, a genealogist and translator of German, has observed that 'Charles is the equivalent of Karl or Carl.' (The Marietta Times, Jan. 28, 1994))

Aug. 23, 1884, Leo Oswald Mueller, last child of J. C. and Louise S. Mueller, born, 'near Oak Hill.' [NB: 1884, not 1894, as in some obituaries!]

March 4, 1885, bought 2.5 acres on 23rd Street, Austin (Travis County records). (Actual deed copy not located in HM files.) [NB: Pina E. Mueller Bock obituary: 'moved to Austin when she was nine years old.' Leo Mueller 50th birthday folder: moved to Austin six months after his birth; obituary: moved before he was a year old.]

1885-86, Austin City Directory lists 'J. Charles Mueller' as selling feed, hay, and grain, at 322 East Pecan (Sixth) Street, with residence on East Avenue north near city limits.

(The location of the store would have been at the northwest corner of Sixth and Trinity Streets, one block from the Kreisle residence at Seventh and Trinity Streets. The Kreisles owned the property across Trinity from the feed store, at 400 East Sixth Street. Information provided by RM, Jr.)

January 20. 1886, J. C. Mueller bought 106 acres on Williamson Creek, part of the A. J. Bond and Thos. Anderson Labor, for $1000 from W. T. Nolen and S. F. Nolen [wife]. (Vol. 68, pp. 566-568, filed July 5, 1886, Travis County Records). (Could this be the same Nolen of the following transaction?)

Jan. 30, 1886, 'J. Charles Mueller' and wife 'Louis' sold the Slaughter Creek property to Thomas Nolen for $2000. (Vol. 66, pp. 42-3, filed Feb.[?] 1,1886, Travis County records).

March 2, 1890, all six children were baptized by Rev. Metzenthin. (Tauf-Schein of Robert Mueller and Otillie Mueller and St. Martin's Newsletter, April 28, 1955).

August 13, 1890, 'J. C. Mueller and Louisa Mueller' sold 106 acres on Williamson Creek in the A. J. Bond and Thomas Anderson Labor to George Salcher (?) for $600. Description refers to pp. 566-67 in deed records. (Vol. 97, p. 109, Travis County records).

February 1, 1893, J. C. and Louisa Mueller sold property in the Mark Thomas Survey to J. R. Morgan for $200 cash and $800 in promissory notes. (Vol. 141, p. 292, filed Dec. 3, 1898, Travis County records).

April 28, 1894, J. C. Mueller died (obituary).

October 18, 1903, last dated pictures of family on 23rd Street.

May 24, 1904, Robert Mueller, brother of J. C. Mueller, died, a suicide. He had written his name and '508 East 16th Street' on a card. He was living with the J. C. Muellers, and they had moved to the new residence. (Austin newspapers, May 25-26, 1904).

June 5, 1904, first pictures of family at 508 East 16th Street.

1905, Louise S. Mueller and daughter, Tillie, visited Oswald Schirmer family in Stedtfeld, Germany, and relatives in Eisenach and Ober-Ingelheim. (Noted in Aunt Tillie's diary of the trip.)

1905-06, Austin City Directory lists Muellers living at 508 East Sixteenth Street for the first time.

Sept. 26, 1906, Rudolph George Mueller married Laura von Boeckman. (First marriage of new generation of the family).

May 6, 1908, Philippine Eva Mueller married Guido C. Bock. December 25, 1908, Robert Mueller married Clara John. June 15, 1909, Clara John Mueller died. (Both dates from C. E. Bock Chronology).

September 28, 1909, Robert Mueller bought the Austin Trunk Factory from C. F. Kettenburg (sic) for $2741.18. (Bill of Sale).

March 13, 1909, Carl Edward Bock born, first grandchild of J. C. and Louise Mueller.

April 19, 1911, Otillie Louise Mueller married Gustave F. Borner.

July 31, 1911, Sherman Edgar Mueller born, first male Mueller grandchild; died Feb. 17, 1913, 18-19 months old.

September 25, 1912, Robert Mueller married Leona Mayer.

June 3, 1914, Carl Henry Mueller married Vera Teresa Basse.

Oct. 14, 1914, Louise Schirmer Mueller died. ...'lived in this city for the last 40 years'...'came to this city in 1873.'

Sept. 12, 1923, Leo Oswald Mueller married Sidonia Rummel.

* * * * * *

Information from county records provided by Robert Mueller, Jr. "Bock Chronology" refers to Mueller chronology prepared by C. E. Bock, 1939.

As of April 21, 1994

Owner/SourceHarold Mueller
Date21 April 1994
Linked toJohn Charles MUELLER; Louisa Friederike Wilhelmine SCHIRMER

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